If you’re looking for new and exciting flavors to tickle your palette, then you should check out Greyhound restaurant. The newly opened establishment is yet another baby of Viva Foods—the company that counts Paper Moon, Botejyu, Wing Zone  and Yogorino as members of its resto roster. Taking advantage of the eased restrictions, Greyhound opened its door during the first quarter of 2022.

Strategically located on the ground floor of SM Aura, Greyhound seems to have found the sweet spot.  At 11:30 am on a weekend, the main dining hall was already 3/4 full.  Brightly lit with a mix of industrial and pop-art feels, the place has a long bar traversing the length of the left wall. Above it hangs a neon sign that reads “Bangkok Never Sleeps.”

The BQP with Chef Juno during a fully packed lunch service.

My party was led to the more quiet section in the back. The décor there is inviting, more subdued, and definitely Instagram worthy. I was  to learn later on that Greyhound started as a clothing brand in Thailand before becoming a food enterprise. Its image as a hip and happening garments brand that has since transitioned is apparent in the furnishings as well as in the menu.

Thai with a  Twist

Having average to low tolerance for spicy food, why eat at a Thai place? Well, my friend who recommended the place assured me that (some)  food may be prepared according to the customers’ preference.

For starters we had Caesar Salad and Crispy Crab and Corn Fritters, then we followed it with Pad Thai, a hefty serving of juicy Steak and a Shrimp pasta dish. I will give perfect marks to the Fritters, Pad Thai and the Steak. All three delivered satisfying flavors that had us wanting for more! The fruit drinks did not disappoint either. The refreshments came in ingenious colored glassware which made the drinks appear like it was multicolored.

Caesar Salad with Thai dressing
How about some Thai chicken wings?


Pad Thai and fruit concoctions


US Ribeye on Fire!
Tom Yum Fusilli with Tiger Prawns — just wow!


Sweet Ending with a spoonful of Creme Brulee

As for the dessert, I highly recommend the Crème Brulee with a side of sliced strawberries and the Sticky Mango Rice (I can have three of this in one go!). The two were fitting sweet  treats to end  our most delicious meal.


So as we licked our spoons to savor the dishes one last time, we found ourselves already planning our next visit. You must, too!


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