With the many roles that the modern woman has to play, most feel tired and overwhelmed. Single, married, working or not, all are looking for something that will give them that extra boost of energy to power them through the daily grind. Unilab has exactly what the Filipinas need today in the form of a 3-in-1 supplement — Fortima.

Tapping multi hyphenate celebrity Dimples Romana as brand ambassador, the brand is getting credible representation among its target market. Recently, an online event hosted by DJ Chacha was held where Dimples talked about the many benefits of Fortima and how it has made a huge difference in her life.  “Health is the number one priority of everyone nowadays, No matter how pretty you might look, you cannot go to work if you are sick. I drink Fortima twice a day and it has done wonders for my body, my skin and my energy level,” Dimples enthuses. With a daughter that’s off to college and an active seven year old boy, the actress says she needs extra strength to cope with it all. Added to this , she is also a student, businesswoman and busy entertainer. “I wake up feeling energized and refreshed. That’s because Fortima had Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc. That’s the magic word –  Zinc. When we drink Zinc, we know that it boosts our immunity,” she adds.

Dimples Romana at the Fortima Power Hour online event.

What is Fortima exactly? Fortima is a daily vitamin that provides LAKAS at GANDA to Filipinas. It contains a unique combination of 22 IU of Vitamin E (to keep the skin looking young and healthy) , 500mg of Vitamin C (non-acidic) and 27.5mg of Zinc (to keep you strong). Also present in the event was  Nutrition Coach Kristia Roco who explained that zinc defends against toxins that threaten immunity while Vitamin E keeps the skin nourished by fighting free radicals.  Both nutrients work hand in hand with Vitamin C for overall wellness. The best news is that one tablet only costs P12.50!

Are you ready to say #FortimaChallengeAccepted?

The enjoyable afternoon saw Dimples interacting with online guests. Everybody congratulated her when she announced that Baby no.3 is on the way. In the end, the actress had this to say. “If you’re ready to say #FortimaChallengeAccepted to help you with your daily tasks, then purchase  Fortima in all leading drugstores, beauty stores and supermarkets nationwide.” The product is available in a box of 8 and 30 at
BeautyMNL, Shopee and Lazada.

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