The temperature is a scorching 35 degrees. It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s downright unbearable!  In the morning,  the heat slowly creeps up on us as the kids and I start our day.   We only get relief in the early afternoon when I open the airconditioner  for their nap.  At night,  the AC works overtime as it has since the summer started while two stand fans help to give the family a restful slumber.  I used to set the timer to two hours on the cooling unit to save on the electric bill.  Now when I do this, the four of us would feel like muffins baking in an oven!  Speaking of bills , we racked up P11,000 last April –P3,500 more than our usual consumption.
Then I saw a picture on my Facebook news feed of these two big, white ceiling fans in a bedroom.   “I have to get those,” I thought to myself.  One week later , the installers came to my house.  In less than an hour,my very own AERATRON ceiling  fan was whirling without a sound .   An agreeable temperature started to set in as the heat eased.  And even if I was a few feet away from it, I could feel a light breeze. FANTASTIC!

Left : Timber colored-fans Right : The picture that peaked my interest. Two fans , double the cool, right?

“You’ll be surprised to hear this, but the AERATRON consumes a mere fourth of the power that a regular electric fan uses.  It will also help your aircon function more efficiently as it evenly circulates the air inside the room.  Some of our customers have lowered their Meralco bill by 30 percent — yung isa nga by 50 percent pa,” says exclusive distributor Ariel Becina.  He smiles at me and says,  “ Try it .  You’ll see and feel the difference.”

Why choose the AERATRON?

Quiet, Most Efficient,  Award Winning
The AERATRON has been awarded THE ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENT for 2015.  The product’s Swiss-German engineered balancing system guarantees a quiet, effortless performance.

What could possibly be cooler than a superhero?  Suitable for residential and commercial purposes, the Aeratron fan provides a gentle cooling effect during the summer, supports natural ventilation and evenly distributes temperature allowing energy savings of up to 50%  in indoor cooling.


Perfect for your girl’s bedrooms.


The fan can be suspended from high ceilings without affecting its performance.


These silent whirlers are great for outdoors too.

A Cool Change
I like the AERATRON fan for its simple, stark and modern look.   Made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum, it’s both an efficient and stylish  complement to any room. I chose to get the fan in white but it comes in other colors as well (matte black, silver, light and dark timber). You can have your fan custom colored, too! Since I had mine installed in the ceiling of the master’s bedroom, I opted to have LED light under the fan as well.  There is no wiggling, no vibration, no sound.  As a consumer, however, the biggest draw for this product is the fact that we have all gotten uninterrupted sleep since we got it two weeks ago.
This month’s Meralco bill hasn’t arrived yet.  I’m preparing for a surprise . But til then , go ahead —-Try the  AERATRON fan.  You’ll see and feel the difference!
 ***To reserve your very own AERATRON FAN today, please contact ARIEL BECINA at 0908 8872377 or 881 6256.


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  1. Wow! I wish that company would sell it here in UAE! I will my family there in the Philippines to get themselves the coolest fan ever! Such great tip from BQP. Thanks!

  2. Love, love, love the idea of saving on my electric bill with such beautiful fans! …would love them in pink please

    1. Hello Dan. I only featured Aeratron in my blog. Please contact the dealer (contact number is at the end of the post) for more info re the fan. Thank you!

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