I’ve been a fan and avid user of CeletequeDermo Cosmetics for some time now. I religiously start my day by cleansing with the brands’ Hydration Facial Wash– and so does the husband. I also end my day using the same product and wake up with a fresh glow. It effectively washes away dirt, oil and impurities, is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and proven to improve skin smoothness by 95% within 2 weeks of continuous use. The cost of using one of my top favorite products? PH89 for a 60ml tube! Yes, all the beautiful effects for less than a hundred pesos. Believe it!


The Hydration Facial Wash gives me a fresh glow with every use. It’s easily one of my favorite products in the market. You would think it would cost more but it just delivers more than other expensive brands. 

The Hydration line is just one of six lines that make up the company’s beauty arsenal. Celeteque formulates its products with expert solutions that cater to women’s specific concerns. The other five skincare lines co-developed with leading dermatologists are Advanced Anti-Aging, Acne-Solutions, Brightening, Sun Care and Hair & Scalp Care. These lines contain key scientific ingredients tested over thousands of women, bringing out real results. Celeteque DermoCosmetics blends aesthetics and skincare through skin-nourishing makeup that enhance s the look while improving skin quality.

Take it all! Confident women use Celeteque and put their best faces forward every day.

The Busy Queen recommends Celeteque!
My personal favorites of the lot are the Hydration facial wash (regular and gentle exfoliating variants.) It’s a constant in my sink and I take this in all my travels, as well. The Sun Care face and body defense spray with SPF 50 and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB Protection is very light, non-greasy and has a cooling sensation. Ladies, we MUST put sunscreen daily, even indoors. Keep those lines at bay and take the time to apply sun protection. It could save you from despair years down the road. I also love, love, love the CC Micro-hydrating Powder. It has a self grinding mechanism, provides great long-lasting coverage and also provides SPF30 coverage.
Filipinas are beautiful and smart. We are multitaskers that know how to balance careers, parenthood and everything else that life has in store. That said, we know the good products that will serve our needs well and are aware of purchases that won’t break the bank. Do try Celeteque, if you have not yet. See the difference for yourself.
Celeteque is available online as well as in all drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.
With a pocketful of glitter,


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