What do fashion savants Sarah Lahbati, Janine Guttierez, Daryl Chang, Laureen Uy, and Rajo Laurel have in common? They share a love for clothes and have found a better way to care for them. To combat the five signs of clothes aging, namely: color fading, shape loss, bobbling, yellowness and roughness, the celebrities turn to the latest fabric care product from Unilever—Comfort Care Detergent.

Stylish and Sensible – The Comfort Care ambassadors share a laugh during the product launch.

Recently at the trés chic launch, elite celebrities, fashion stylists and select media gathered to learn more about the unique and innovative formulation of Comfort Care. Interactive booths were set up to represent the five markers of clothes deterioration due to constant use and washing. All served as Instagram worthy studios, too. Guests were also given small fabric analyzers to use on their own clothes to check for wear and tear and compare swatches of fabric subjected to Comfort Care. To further demonstrate the efficacy of the product, two models wearing identical clothing showing the before and after looks took their place in the color-coded stages.

New for Longer – Comfort Care protects our clothes from the five signs of aging.

“Comfort is rooted in its purpose of bringing positivity to the world through the power of clothes. Our product line up includes Fabric Cleaning (powder and liquid) and Fabric Conditioning to deliver the best clothes outcome and give wearer confidence,” said Anne Marianne Tan, Unilever Brand Manager for Premium Laundry.
Quality over Quantity
On stage, Mom Sarah Lahbati shares that she passes on the clothes of her firstborn son Zion to her younger brother son. “Kids grow up so fast so I make sure that we get the most value for our money in anything we purchase. Preserving the newness of Zion’s clothes so it can still be used by Kai is one way to do that.” Daryl Chang also weighed in on the importance of keeping clothes newer for longer. “I also go for quality over quantity. That may be hard to believe but I keep a very edited closet. Comfort Care assures that I get to wear my favorite clothes over and over again –in different styles, of course!”

Casual Care or Glamour Care? Both are effective in caring for your clothes.

With its Advanced Anti-Aging Technology (in fabric cleaning products) which affects color vibrancy and Advanced Triple Care Technology (in fabric conditioning), which protects from color fading, fiber pilling (himulmol) and shape loss, Comfort Care is a must-have in every home. It is now available in leading supermarkets and groceries in two variants: Glamour Care and Casual Care.

With a pocketful of glitter,


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