Another school year has started! I took note of last year’s complaints from my two kids and made sure that I bought sturdy and hardworking products that will see them through the next ten months. You see, in the past, both would complain about lunch food that would get cold and soggy. Now, that concern is a thing of the past.

My search for insulated lunch kits that really work brought me back to the brand I grew up with. Coleman carries products that are just perfect not just for the children but for the whole family as well. Back in the day, we could only choose between blue and red. So it was really a delight to see an array of colors (pink, purple, orange, aqua, black, red and blue) on display at the Coleman store in Alabang Town Centre!

First, on my to-buy list are lunch kits that can keep the kids’ baon fresh and warm. My daughter chose an aqua soft insulated kit (P950) which ably keeps the temperature for 6 hours. It has a padded shoulder strap and mesh sides for additional storage. Then we saw a blue/pink/aqua backpack (P1895)  that would be great for field trips and out-of-town sorties. Pretty and functional– we cannot resist that! Her older brother opted for a bigger black and red soft cooler (P1325)  which can keep food warm for 6 hours and also boasts of cold retention for up to 12 hours. Up to 16 cans of liquid beverage can fit in it. The insulated bags are antimicrobial, have heat-welded seams that prevent leakage, easy to clean and come in many designs. The liner is resistant to odor, mold, mildew, and fungus.  I got an extra one for my grocery shopping and for when we go to the beach.

READY FOR SCHOOL! With her Coleman insulated lunch kit and pink jug, this little darling is off to school!

The insulated bags are antimicrobial, have heat-welded seams that prevent leakage, easy to clean, and come in many designs.

Next, I bought the water jugs. A pink jug with flip-top spout (1/3 gallon for P430) and a bigger purple (1/2 gallon for P610) jug were my little one’s choices while a half-gallon orange container got a thumbs up from Kuya Miguel. Since my son is a coffee drinker he also requested fro a vacuum flask that holds heat up to 12 hours and holds cold for 35 hours. “That will come in handy when I have to do projects and study till late at night,” he said.

Bring your COLEMAN insulated cooler/bag to the grocery and keep the cold cuts, cheeses and wine chilled. Use to bring everything to a party at your bestie’s house, too!

For the family, Coleman has everything from coolers (in every size!), tents, foldable director’s chairs and tables, floatation devices, rainwear, camping accessories, cookware, and even lights. Known worldwide as THE Outdoor Company, the brand has stores all over the Metro and is carried by all leading department stores.
As a mom, getting great value for our money is at the top of our priorities. It’s been a month since the kids started school and they are very happy with their Coleman gear. So far, the helpers tell me, “Ubos nila ang food, Ma’am. Pati ang water ubos din.” That’s music to my ears –to hear that my children are properly nourished in school and nothing goes to waste. The prices are very reasonable too. Take note, though, you have to label all lunch kits and jugs. All students tend to lose their things so having a label (or better yet, their name written in permanent ink under the jugs) will make it easier to identify.
So let COLEMAN be your kids’ trusted companion this year and the next. We tried it and we liked it!
With a pocketful of glitter,



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  1. Timmy uses coleman water jug and lunch bag since he is in grade 2. Since then I don’t worry about his food getting cold and making sure I stock ice for his coleman jug so he have cold water while in school for 7hrs.
    Coleman is the best! I had it too when I was in Elementary and Highschool.

  2. Excited to hear that coleman jugs come in many colors now. Grew up with this brand, it’s so sturdy our ice chests are still in very good condition. Looking forward to trying the chairs soon!

  3. Most pleasant read and video, R so comfortable talking about her Coleman stuff! A most reliable brand in a variety of products and colors now !

  4. Looking for a lunch bag for my daily use at the office. I think I found one. I like the insulated lunch kit. Perfect for my baon everyday and also the water jug. Will drop by at the nearest Coleman Store to buy these . Thank you for sharing 😀

    1. I hope you purchased your Coleman lunch kit and jug by now, A. They are really very reliable for hot meals and hot/cold beverages.

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