Shopping for personal care products has become quite challenging – confusing even. The last time I visited the grocery, there were aisles and aisles of shampoo, conditioners, soap, lotion and a host of other beauty products promising to deliver this and that. I stick to familiar brands, unwilling to try something new.
Lately though, I’ve become more curious about trying natural, organic, fresh, healthy goods. I tried the VCO based products of Gina Lopez’s G Stuff, and more recently, a local brand called My Natural. Its skincare line is called AlgyNatural and has seaweeds, VCO, and essential plant oils as its three main elements. Seaweed extracts have natural hydrating components, VCO is known for its moisturizing properties, and the plant oils are rich in Vitamin E.

The goodness of AlgyNatural is not fully revealed in its use but in the effects.

Choose products that are free from chemicals. Try My Natural products and see the difference.

It’s not surprising to know that most of what we use on our bodies have some amount of harsh chemical. Truth is, it’s hard to turn our backs on the familiar. But what if we could reverse the damage we’ve done to our skin and hair over the years? That possibility made me purchase the basics—shampoo, conditioner and body soap.
The experience is very different when you use natural products. The shampoo (P95) does not lather up as much, the conditioner (P98) is thin to the touch and there’s no strong after scent when you use the soap (P120) . The goodness of AlgyNatural is not fully revealed in its use but in the effects. After a month of use, my hair became shinier and healthier looking. I prefer the citrus variant of the hair products. The smell of fruit while taking a bath just perks up my day. As for the soap, I like the one that contains VCO. The fusion of seaweed extracts blended with enzymes, activated charcoal technology and VCO creates the perfect balance that detoxifies and nourishes the skin.
Since I liked the skincare line, I also tried the homecare line called MyNatureLand. My favorite of the lot? The shoe and foot spray (P110) which I religiously spray on my boys’ shoes. With just a few spritzes, I’m assured of foot hygiene and clean smelling footwear. The bathroom, kitchen spray and room sprays (P170-195) are also great to use in the house. There is no overpowering fragrance. Rather the room just has a hint of a fruity lemon scent or floral aroma depending on the variant used. Don’t be fooled though, the sprays are effective odor eliminators despite its subtle scents. My family is allergic to strong odors so this just works marvelously for us.
The best part is the products are all sold at very reasonable prices.
Check out @mynaturalph on Facebook and Instagram to see the whole range of products or call Risa A. Felix 09178067528 for more information.
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