When was the last time you stepped inside a salon or a spa? Some brave souls have, but getting a haircut or my nails done are not reasons for me to leave the safety of my home. Not just yet. That’s why I’m glad that my favorite salon products are now readily available online.

IMAGINE all the pretty pastels from Cuccio Colour.


Cuccio is known worldwide for its luxury line of spa products for the hands, feet and body. All the best salons carry their goods. I love its toxin-free nail polish collections which boast of every pretty shade imagineable. Cuccio Colour is proudly 14-Free. That means its products do not contain harmful chemicals normally found in other brands. No tripehnyl phosphates, no parabens, no camphor, no formaldehyde, so there’s no risk of eye irritation or respiratory problems. All nail, gel, and powder polishes are safe and won’t harm your health. Even pregnant women can use it!

Made with natural products and the richest ingredients, Cuccio  has won international recognition for its luxurious and effective merchandise

Nail Art with Cuccio Colour – So Dreamy, it inspired mw to put on a tulle skirt and some bling blings.

Tony Cuccio is the founder of the spa product line. He travelled to over 90 countries searching for unique products to help boost the spa business. With meticulous product testings and trials, he was able to develop the highly acclaimed Cuccio Naturale. Made with natural products and the richest ingredients, Cuccio  has won international recognition for its luxurious and effective merchandise

Relax, de stress and detox with Cuccio Naturale products.

I’m really glad that I can now view and choose from their wide array of products. Planning to get a nail set with pusher and clipper along with new shades (pink, red and lilac) of nail polish. I highly recommend the Detox Soak. Just empty the contents in a tub of warm water, soak your feet for 15 minutes and ask your helper to give you a quick foot massage. You’ll instantly feel refreshed! The soles of our feet have 500,000 sweat glands and the Detox Soak drains the toxins out of our feet. For just P422 you can get this product and six free detox tablets for free! I also tried the Whipped Hemp Light Revitalizing Butter and saw results within days. With all the handwashing and alcohol cleansing, we really must moisturize our hands. (Tip: Use on legs, feet, neck, arms and hands for maximum coverage and hydration.)

It’s also the opportune time to give your cuticles the loving care it deserves. Try Cuccio’s Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick in Milk and Honey (smells sooo good!) and then file using any of the the three emery boards included in the Stainless Steel Nail File Kit. Girl, you’ll be surprised that it’s so easy to amp your spa skills. Just take your time to enjoy all these products and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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