Now, more than ever, people are putting a premium on health. Studies have shown that eating the right food determines the overall well being of a person. You can exercise all you want but if you keep on eating junk food and drinking colas, the latter will negate all your efforts.

At the recently concluded PROMIL ORGANIC online event, pediatrician Dr. Celeste Gomez opened the talk with a slide that reads, “Every time you eat a meal, you are either feeding a disease or fighting it.” That certainly got the attention of all attendees, including host Andi Manzano Reyes. So many topics were discussed like how does one know if a certain food is organic or not? What are the effects of commonly grown food on the body? Why should we consciously choose to buy and consume organic food and beverages?

Changing to an organic lifestyle may sound daunting, but essentially, vegetables and grains are considered organic if they have no GMO, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, chemical additives or sewage sludge. Meat, poultry and fish must not contain any antibiotics, no hormones and fed with organic grains. Chicken must live in a free-range environment, cattle must be raised in an  open pasture and fish must be wild caught and not raised in pens. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), a Germany based organization, is the body that gives the Certified Organic seal to products grown using agricultural standards.

Organic vs Natural , here are the facts.


Dirty Dozen – Before you bite into an apple, make sure that it’s organic! Otherwise, peel off the skin.


Dr. Gomez says that conventionally grown food is till nutritious. The effect, however, of eating food that has antibiotics and is grown on soil treated with fertilizers and chemicals is that, over time, these components accumulate in our bodies and causes a myriad of sickness. So in order not to get to the point where are bodies have lowered immune response, or worse, won’t respond to medication when it is needed, now is the perfect time to go on a detox program. How? Eat and drink organic!

Start them Young! Healthy kids drink Promil Organic!


There is no ONE way of doing things. No single diet can make us all healthy as we have different backgrounds, genetics and lifestyles. It is important now, though, to make a conscious effort to have dietary patterns that are best suited to our way of living so we can achieve optimal health.

The Smart Way to Go Organic

What about our children? Is raising an organic child possible? The answer is  a resounding YES! A smart way to go organic is giving our kids organic milk. Wyeth Nutrition Promil Organic milk sets itself apart from other commercially available milk for toddlers (3-5 years old) because it is wholly sourced from certified organic farms. According to Wyeth Associate Director for Marketing Maria Carmela Gabunada, “Promil Organic milk follows the 95% processing level and international standards of the IFOAM. It contains higher levels of DHA and AA, Iron, Iodine, Vitamin B 12 to help mental and visual development,  Vitmains A, C,D, K to boost immunity and Zinc to promote proper growth.

So parents, now is the time to make a positive change for the whole family. Choose organic and lead better lives!

With a pocketful of glitter,


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