I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. At the start of the quarantine, I was there morning, noon , snack time and night. Everyone is in the house and constantly eating. Breakfast would be finished around 10am and I would immediately be back in the counter cooking lunch.

As the days went on, the family craved for more comfort food. These challenging times have really tested the culianry skills of all moms in the whole world! So what used to be a  “Christmas-only” dessert, has now become a staple in the Fermin household. I’ve whipped up three batches of my chewy fudge brownies with cashews three times already!

MAYA Feel Good Baking Kit – Create something delicious today!

So you cna imagine my delight when I received the Feel Good Bakitng Kit from Maya Kitchen. Inside the bag, I found All Purpose Flour, Maya Brownie Mix and Maya Original hotcake Mix. I like to make brownies from scratch. This allows me to bond with my daughter while I teach her how to measure the ingredients and bake.  For those days, however, when I just want to whip up something quick, the Maya Brownie Mix comes in handy. Whichever way, I always, always put plenty of cashews and the brownies taste delicious!

Have your Pancakes whichever way you want. Flavored pancakes are delicious, too! Try adding coffee, ube or even lemon.

Pancakes are a favorite of the family, too. My little one likes mini pancakes while my boys like em stacked with sausages on the side. Yum! You can be as creative as you want when making pancakes. Add flavors like coffee, ube or lemon and top with different fruits. If you have whipped cream, then be as generous as you want, please! Food is the constant source of comfort nowadays .  We can indulge once in a while but remember to be careful with our health. With that said,  feel free to experiment or head on to the MAYA IG and FB page to get some ideas on what you can bake and cook.

Bonding with my baby girl – Photo taken during the Maya Pancake Art event.

Hmmmm, I’m feeling like I want to bake pan de sal next. Will update you on that one!

With a pocketful of glitter,


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  1. Hi Queen, I also got a Feel Good Baking kit by Maya. I’m really glad but I’m wondering who sent me. I just thought you might give me an idea if Maya sends a kit to random people who loves Maya Pancake. By the way, Thank you for your Blog. Its inspiring. Hoping for your response.

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