The pandemic has certainly reminded everyone that health is wealth.  Wether we choose to go out or stay in the comfort of our own homes, we are conscious of our overall well-being and that includes the food we eat. With the new San Miguel del Mar Tuna, home cooks can now whip up meals that are good for the family. And when I say healthy, I don’t mean bland or boring. I mean creative recipes like the ones below that were created especially by three culinary personalities. Take a look!

Made from 100% pure tuna chunks, with no extenders and no preservatives, San Miguel Tuna Del Mar is the main feature in this Tuna Rillette  by home cook Steph Zubiri.


Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu gets creative with these Tuna Crepes.


A Healthy Tuna Bowl by Chef Bugia

You can choose from two variants – Chunks in Vegetable Oil and Chunks in Water. Loaded with Omega 3, which helps prevent and manage heart disease, and also rich in protein, which is crucial for growth, tissue repair, creation of essential hormones and enzymes, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna is the perfect choice as an overall health booster. According to AVP and Marketing Manager of San Miguel Foods Hasmine Du, “We’re really excited to bring this product to the market because it delivers delicious, quality, honest-to-goodness pure, meaty tuna chunks.”

I got a bit experimental in the kitchen and used tuna instead of chicken in one of my favorite pasta dishes. The result? My Creamy Tuna Pasta with Crunchy Bacon was heartily devoured by the family. Ok, I’ll skip the bacon topping next time. I think this will be perfect for making tuna lumpia, too.

So for effortlessly nutritious meals at any time of day, use authentic tuna –Use San Miguel Del Mar Tuna! Find it in leading supermarkets for only P61/can.

With a pocketful of glitter,


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