My mother’s day celebration came early via our trip to Singapore.  So when the boys said they were going to watch  the finals between  Talk N Text and San Miguel at Araneta Coliseum over lunch,  I said “Sure!”  This would be another chance to explore the adjacent mall and give you, my readers, a preview of whatever fab things I’ll find at Gateway Mall.

Located on the first floor,  this store had a display of assorted skin products  at the entrance and sale signs all over the place to entice passersby to come in.  I tried their chocolate flavored lotion but the smell was more like coco and not the sweet , rich scent I was looking for.  Next, the salesperson offered me a liquid honey bronzer in a small tube.  The tint was too dark for my complexion so I passed on that as well.  Then on the corner of the display table, I saw a box of eye make-up with a sign that says “PICK ME”.   I felt like Alice in Wonderland being guided by the signs (Remember – Drink Me, Eat Me ?)

This eye palette is called Smokey Plum. It retails at Php 1500 pesos but because of the Mother’s Day Sale I bought it at 50 percent off! It even comes with a step by step guide on the back of the box. Will try this soon.:)

I have to tell you that I don’t know how to put make-up on.  The boys say I look better without any “goo” on my face but for some reason, I’ve been buying little pieces here and there.  Have to include “Learn how to put on fab make-up” to my bucket list.

So many lip tints to choose from! The store also offers a free make-up make-over.

CLNThis store carries shoes, clothes and accessories.  After a quick scan of the place, I zeroed in on the sunglasses display case.  I immediately fancied one with  big tortoise frames.

Totally love this DIVA shades at just Php499 ! The packaging is a winner too!

I really like this store.   Everytime I visit this accessories haven, there’s always something that catches my eye.  Yesterday was no different.

This almost-but-not-quite mustard bag is such a beauty ! If you look closely, it has floral impressions on the sides. Retails at about Php2000.
Too cute! Blue, Mint Green and Snake print.

Shopping is made easy in this store because the accessories are arranged by color.  Where else will I go except to the blue section! 🙂

The BQP likes the tan leather bracelet with the big blue stone.

This clothing, shoe and accessory store suits the BQP’s fashion taste.  But with tops selling at PhP 2000 pesos (and above), shoes at PhP3000 (and above),  you must choose something that you’re sure to use many times over to get your money’s worth.

A closer look at the dress with cut-out detail. Perfect for summer!


The store window display is clean and well edited.
Fringe bags and light colored shoes. NICE!

This store keeps getting better with time.  Although I prefer the shoes (the BQP will be writing about her fantastic finds in this store in a separate post) to the bags,  I found some arm candies yesterday that are worthy of my recommendation.

This faux leather bags can easily be dressed up with scarves. Retails below Php3000.

These bags are a little cheaper but equally functional
Like before,  the two hours the boys spent watching the PBA game, was simply not enough for me to cover the whole mall.  I did enjoy the time I spent just browsing the stores and looking for things to show you.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ROYALS!

While the boys enjoyed watching the finals of the PLDT TVolution PBA Commissioner’s Cup, the BQP had precious hours all to herself. A perfect way to end Mother’s Day!


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