Salutations!  Welcome to the Busy Queen P’s new castle!  After months of collaborating, designing, revising and redesigning, my site is finally here!  Countless hours of meticulous  planning and research  were spent in the creation of  the final design of this blog. Those who have known me for years will attest to the fact that I score a staggering 12 in the super OC scale of 10… and  the people who worked with me on this project will confirm it. 🙂  I think it turned out wonderfully!  Don’t you agree?


At first, I wanted a silhouette of a  woman on the go.  Someone who was doing three things at the same time but was still poised  and in command.  Then someone brought up the idea of a girl on a balcony , coffee mug in one hand and facing a computer.  The initial drawing looked good but I have yet to write on a balcony overlooking the city and I don’t drink coffee.

It would be nice to write on a balcony like this one day. I would be drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows though, and not coffee.

I wanted a silhouette that truly represented me and I wanted the rendering to have royal elements.  After many, many  attempts,  I finally approved the one shown below.


Every girl has at one time or another dreamed  of being a princess .  The BQP’s tiara was patterned after the headpiece  I wore on my wedding day.

Necklace and bracelet
I got a beautiful necklace for my birthday last year.  I thought it would be appropriate for the BQP to wear this elaborate and elegant neck piece.  The graphic artist really did a fantastic job in creating a vector version of the necklace.  It  looks exactly the same as the real one!

I’m still waiting for the right occasion to wear this fabulous necklace from the Lulu Frost collection.

The bracelet is also part of my collection.

The  bracelet with pave stones  on the silhouette is too small to see. This is what it looks like up close.


The initial drawing showed a the girl carrying a pen. The truth is, I’m always looking for a pen inside my bag! I decided to change the pen to a phone.  This essential gadget keeps me connected, allows me to take pictures and  serves as my notebook.

I truly believe that beautiful things are conceived by ingenious minds,  crafted by masterful hands and realized by determined persons.  I am very grateful to all the people who helped in  making my vision become a reality.  I especially want to thank ISA LACUNA,  my fellow blue eagle, whose skillful hands deftly drew the BQP’s silhouette.  ISA, you are the consummate artist!  You understood what I wanted  and gave me so much more than I expected.   The digital nose job is all I’ll ever need in this lifetime! 🙂  The background design was also made  just for the BQP by Nikki Sunga.


Now that this beautiful stage is set, I am more than excited to share my stories with all of you!  Please feel free to comment, ask or suggest.   I will be only too glad to hear what you have to say.

Finally, there are three things that I hope my stories will give you – information, inspiration and the power of imagination.  This is my quest.



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  1. I am so envious of your new layout, tita Paulyne!
    It has all my favorite things on it – Purple, vector, calligraphy and silhouette! You are so chic talaga forever!
    Aww! Kudos to you and your blog layout artist!

    1. WOW, I’m loving your comment JANINE! It took some time to design and finish the total look but it came out just the way I wanted it. Glad you appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Very beautiful redesigned site, BQP! Everything about it is lovely! excellent reading and views, always, BQP!

  3. All aboard!!!! Onwards & Upwards! Loving the sleek look all around. And the Tiara truly belongs to you 🙂 Hugs BQP!

  4. Totes loving the new look! And how fab is it that icon? Truly and royally represents you! Definitely fit for THE Queen. ♚

  5. Regal and elegant! If you must know dear followers of BQP, m’Lady has always been determined and driven when she has her mind set on something. These qualities and her charm (plus a lot more actually) have made BQP what she is now. Shall I line you up with the likes of Princesses Diana and Kate? (“,)

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