Since our trip to Singapore early this month was my Mother’s Day getaway trip, husband A let me choose my own gift.  How fortunate that we were billeted at Marina Bay Sands which is connected to the premier shopping haven of Singapore — The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.
The Shoppes is home to all the luxury brands you can think of – Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Celine,  Jimmy Choo etc.  I just found myself gravitating towards my favorite PRADA.

The Blues 
The store occupies two floors and has all the latest models.  Nicolas , the funny and very accommodating salesperson,  brought me all the blue bags in the store! He also made the boys and the little diva feel comfortable by offering them drinks as I took my time looking at all the bags. shoes, dresses and sunglasses.

The comfy couches were designed for the store by Verner Panton

Nicolas told me that this bag will soon be the toast of the town because it will be featured in the upcoming “Mission Impossible “ movie.  How true that is—I don’t know.  What I do know is that it was definitely a beauty!  I loved the blue with red combination.  Even the  buttons were covered in leather.

I carried this bag the whole time I was in the boutique.
The BQP is also loving this color!

Then I looked at the Classic model which can be carried on the arm or  across the body with a sling.

The actual bag has a periwinkle hue.

Next to be shown was a Denim Tote.   It had its own appeal but it was too casual for me.

Nicolas suggested I get two bags because I gave birth to two kids.  Hubby A was very amused. 🙂

A definite contender!


Nicolas was very helpful. I asked him repeatedly to convert the prices in pesos. All salespeople should be like him. Sometimes, customers don’t feel comfortable entering high-end stores because of snooty personnel

While Nicolas was busy ringing up my purchase, a Pinoy salesperson showed me some more bags.  He told me that a lot of Pinays would come to the store and would compare the prices to the Prada store in Manila.  It’s obvious that the Singapore store carries more models and more colors.  When it comes to the price, Singapore is cheaper too by a couple of thousands.  (I was able to verify this when I visited the store in Greenbelt 4.)  Don’t forget to get your GST receipt so you can refund the tax on your purchase before going home.
Here are some more PRADA goodies. 🙂
Red bag

This red bag was the least expensive in the boutique. The wallets below are fab, too!

Pyramide Bags

Bejewelled and bedazzling!


Stripes for Summer!



Armed with its eponymous white paper bag, I left the store with my gift from the hubby and the kids.  I chose the most utiltitarian and reasonably priced of the lot.  A bag must be both beautiful and USEFUL.  No use purchasing something you cannot use often.  We hope to be back to visit the store very soon!
NOTE:  I visited the PRADA store in Greenbelt 4 and was told that all the women’s bags are now on 10% discount.


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  1. I agree salespeople should be friendly and helpful. 🙂 Their attitude says a lot about the brand they’re working for.

    1. I was treated very warmly by the salespeople. The kids and A lounged comfortable and were given refreshments while I went around the boutique. Great service!

  2. How sweet and thoughtful of the kids and A! All moms deserve such a lux gift for all the hard and fab work we do for our families. Totally love the classic bag ♡

    1. The salesperson said I should get two because I gave birth twice! haha… Hubby A was only slightly amused 🙂

  3. I love the double bag and the oversized denim bag…You look great with your 3/4 blouse, white shorts with blue flat shoes

    1. I agree with you! The double bag is soooo nice! The denim bag was priced at roughly 70k++– too much ? Thanks for the comment ANNETTE! 🙂

  4. I miss donning icon bags. I always carry around a massive Nike backpack to stuff books and teaching resources. My daughters are now the heiresses of my collection of LVs, DKNY and Michael Kors. Wish I can wear shorts like what you wore! That would be “haram” here if I wore them. Ha ha ha! *haram means sinful or unacceptable in Arabic. Fabulous!

    1. Thanks Monica! It was also super hot and humid in Singapore. Please don’y carry a backpack. You’ll be hunched over sooner than necessary. Maybe a fashionable trolley (?) and an oversized tote for you?

  5. I love Prada! My first luxury bag is a Prada in black bought in EU. I love it to this day even their driving shoes! You gave me an idea! I better get it from the Baul and use it next week

    1. i just made an inventory of all my bags. Was surprised to see some that I bought but totally forgot about. So go ahead, open the baul and give that PRADA a chance to come out in the sunshine! 🙂

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