Some days all you need is a good conversation.
Gatherings by Grace is a passion project conceptualized by Grace Barbers-Baja (aka The Spoiled Mummy) and PR powerhouse Game Changer. Grace describes herself as a “performer by heart” and wanted to use her gift of gab to serve a purpose. Gathering a group of women for an afternoon of intimate talk about topics that are relevant to this day and age seemed to be the perfect outlet for the energetic personality.

Gatherings by Grace – an intimate setting at The Raffles Hotel was the perfect stage for the afternoon event.

Last September 19, at The Raffles Hotel, the launch of Gatherings by Grace proved to be a success. With a stellar line-up of panelists that included: Joanna Preysler, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Cat Juan-Ledesma, Dr. Aivee Teo and Karen Davila, the guests had a wonderful time listening to various insights on aging well and living gracefully. “It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. You don’t need to be liked by everybody. When you reach 50, there’s no room for bullshit … Allow only authentic relationships,” shared Joanna. For Happy, “Being 44 and a mother of four keeps me busy and active. I live out my name. I’m happy and I’m never without my eyeliner. The eyes should always sparkle.” Cat believes in owning our age. “I’m happy that this talk is not about reversing aging or how to turn back time. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back. We’ve done a great job!” For Dr. Aivee, “It’s eating well and having a good relationship with God. I only eat 1200 calories a day, and unknowingly, have been practicing intermittent fasting for years. I only eat from 2 pm in the afternoon until 7 at night.”

A lovely and lively afternoon with the panelists – Aging Well and Living Gracefully was the topic for the day.


1. Karen Davila 2. Dessert 3.The Busy Queen P with The Spoiled Mummy and Jackie Avecilla of Rustan’s. 4. Em Sulit of Game Changer.

Beauty will fade, believe me. Instead, make yourself interesting and smart. Build your personality. Have a purpose in life and pursue that with a passion.

Perhaps the most astute moment in the session was when Karen Davila shared the nuggets of wisdom she got from her own mother. “My mom used to tell me – Don’t focus too much on beauty. Beauty will fade, believe me. Instead, make yourself relevant. Have a purpose in life and pursue that with a passion.” I found myself nodding as she was talking. Somehow I felt validated. As I looked around, women were smiling, whispering to each other, some listening intently to the ongoing panel discussion. While this was happening, we all enjoyed sweets at our table and food we had earlier gotten from the buffet which served fare from our hostess’ artisanal food line Taste by Grace.
Those who are interested to join Gatherings by Grace can look forward to this exciting line-up of topics: body positivity, authenticity in the age of social media, women who work and men who balance. Hopefully, a reflective and mindful perspective can be had by both speakers and guests through the following scheduled talks.

You may contact Game Changer to reserve your seats 09175274809 or email .
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