SnailWhite took Manila by storm when it was launched over a year and a half ago. The most coveted beauty brand from Thailand was received so well by local beauty consumers that it was (still is!) almost always sold out. And because the clamor for affordable and effective moisturizer has not died down, SnailWhite deemed it best to introduce yet another revolutionary anti-aging cream — SnailWhite GOLD!
Select guests were invited to a getaway in The Farm at San Benito to experience the benefits of a quiet day filled with introspection, meditation, and papering. “Beauty is healthy,” as printed on the box of SnailWhite Gold, and indeed, it really is. Every minute of the two hour trip to the Farm was worth it. From the minute I stepped in and breathed the fresh air, I felt a calm envelop me. Instantly, I was happy being surrounded by nature. Peacocks roamed the cobbled paths, vegetable and flower gardens grew lush all around and the sound of birds chirping contributed to one unforgettable experience.

At the SnailWhite GOLD Weekend Getaway -Beautiful and Healthy go hand in hand.

We were greeted by Snailwhite Marketing Director Dia Lacaba. She gave a short talk about the newest product (endorsed by ethereal beauty Lucy Torres-Gomez) and how aging need not be something to be afraid of but rather a state to be grateful for and embraced. “Snailwhite Gold stands for treating your skin with even more attention as you grow older– whether it’s through golden getaways like today or with the golden standard of skincare that keeps pace with our advance life stages,” she shared.
Mindfulness coach Sara Black led us in a grounding walk all the way to the amphitheater. Apparently, walking barefoot boosts the body’s immune system. I was hesitant to do it first but when I saw almost everybody take off their shoes, I gave it a try. “Just listen to the sounds, feel the grass on your feet, touch the leaves….,” Sara’s voice said quietly. In the covered court, we sat on the ground. Deeply inhaling and exhaling, we meditated and shared our life’s experiences after.

SnailWhite GOLD boosts the skin’s collagen and elastin production to achieve firmer and lifted skin.

Then we were whisked off to The Farm’s luxurious spa and were treated to a lymphatic drainage massage (dry brushing, five-minute stay in the steam room and a super cold water bucket drop–brrr!!!). I could not resist taking a dip in the nearby pool. The sun was just setting and I felt so free. Then my therapist and I walked back to the villa and she applied the SnailWhite Gold on my face with upward strokes. The effect could readily be seen. You get the golden glow immediately!

The choice is yours. SNAILWHITE Moisture Facial Cream or SNAILWHITE Gold?

The Busy Queen P Recommends SnailWhite Gold
There’s no stopping aging but you can help your skin build resilience against the damages that stress and pollution bring. SnailWhite GOLD boosts the skin’s collagen and elastin production for firmer and lifted skin. It reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin AND it diminishes age spots while stimulating cell turnover for a noticeable glow.
I left The Farm feeling so refreshed in mind, spirit, and body. Thank you SnailWhite for my golden getaway!
With a pocketful of glitter,


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