Chocolate lovers CELEBRATE! Krispy Kreme’s latest creation is making every sweet tooth’s dream come true. The DUOghnut marries our all-time favorite Nestle treats, the CRUNCH and KitKat, and the oh-so-delicious chocolate glazed doughnut to make ONE delightful dessert!

Introducing every chocoholic’s delight– the DUOghnut from Krispy Kreme!


There’s always something sweet to celebrate at Krispy Kreme!

Bite into a classic choco glazed doughnut, delectably dipped and drizzled with dark and white chocolates, and finished off with toppings of the Nestle bars. It was love at first sight (and bite!) for us the very time we laid eyes on the DUOghnut. It looked like it was too good to eat. Perfectly half-coated with my favorite white chocolate and then covered with dark on the other half, it’s really the stuff doughnut dreams are made of.
Hurry because the DUOgnhuts will only be available for a limited time! So head on over to every neighborhood’s favorite sweet shop and get your share of the newest original creation from Krispy Kreme!
With a pocketful of glitter,


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