The key to easy cooking is preparation and this goes the same for baking. Apparently, the world’s number 1 leading oats brand believes in the same philosophy. They now have a ready-to-bake kit that enables just about anybody to try their hand at baking inventive recipes. I must commend the brand for the neatly packed ingredients and various Quaker products that came inside a reusable canvass tote. So earthly chic!

To give both experts and novices some inspiration in the kitchen, Quaker Oats partnered with three local chefs to come up with creative recipes using oats as the main ingredient. Chefs Miko Aspiras, Nikko Santos and Allen Buhay whipped up #QuakerStrongRecipes ranging from a sweet fare to savory dishes with a healthy twist. Oats are a natural source of iron and can greatly boost our immunity. It’s also rich in fiber and proven to lower cholesterol levels for a healthy heart. Desserts can be a little sinful and mains can become healthy meals if we choose to add the super grain that is Quaker Oats.

Quaker Oats has made healthy baking and eating a whole lot of fun!


Certified Quaker Bakers!

Included in my bag of healthy treats are almost all that’s needed to make the Quaker Cream Pie of Chef Miko Aspiras. A quick look at the recipe booklet told me that preparation (check!) and patience (double check!) are what i need to in order to make my baking a success. So I put out the mixer and bowls, got an egg and unsalted butter from the fridge, and laid out all the other ingredients from my Quaker Kit on the table. The recipe was easy enough to follow.  Mix the wet ingredients first, add the dry next and then form into small lumps (about two tablespoons) on the baking sheet.

Since the tray can only accommodate half of the mixture, I left the other half in the bowl to sit. This was a blessing in disguise as my the first batch came out thin and crispy– and so much bigger than I wanted . Ok, I must admit that I added a bit of milk to the mixture because I thought it was too thick. The good thing about the whole process is that you’re free to make it your own version. So I added more oats and a 1/4 cup flour to the second batch. My cookies came out golden brown and oh-so00-chewy! Pat in the back. Thank you!

My daughter gave me hand in making the filling. We made ours less sweet and chilled it in the freezer for about ten minutes. This experience was also a good bonding experience for my daughter and I. R patiently mixed the ingredients, dipped her fingers in the batter on numerous occasions, and watched the cookies slowly bake in the oven. She gamely demonstrated how to build the Quaker Cream Pie while I took a video.

We are Quaker Bakers! Boost your family’s immune system by giving them nutritious and delicious food.

Staying healthy does not mean you have to eat bland food. With Quaker Oats, healthy can be equally nutritious and delicious! You may order your ver own Quaker Cream Pie Kit and have it delivered straight to your homes!

Make Your Own Quaker Oats Cream Pies!

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