Who knew 2020 would turn out this way? Resiliency has always been one of the strongest suits of the Filipinos so here we are coping and living as the times dictate. I must admit that I have only gone out five times since March. I’ve transitioned from being scared, to highly anxious and now to just being very careful about my health and that of my family’s.

Just one tablet dissolved in a glass of water will give you B vitamins, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium,Magnesium and Zinc

Six months into the pandemic, people are tentatively going out  and therefore, need more protection. The good news is that Multivitamins and Minerals Berocca has launched its newest flavor. Mango Orange is a limited edition flavor that helps boost mental acuity and physical performance. In addition, its fruity taste reminds us all of a summer that has come and gone. One tablet daily is all you need to stay on top of things. Just one tablet dissolved in a glass of water will give you B vitamins, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium,Magnesium and Zinc.

Get your daily dose of Berocca Mango Orange Flavor and be mentally alert and physically agile.

Brand Ambassador of Berocca Kim Chiu was so lively and bubbly at the online event held last September 20. She shares how drinking one glass of the multivitamins tablet has helped her be more focused mentally and be physically active as well. It was fun to have her join the trivia game with over 70 participants. To test the mental agility and pop culture know-how of the attendees, host Aaron Atayde and Kim took turns in asking questions like “In the FRIEND’S series, what is Monica’s room number?” and “When is Star Wars Day?” Of course, those with the fastest fingers won the game. Another session had a dance party.

Stay mentally strong with Berocca!
Kim Chiu gets a boost of energy from Berocca for her daily workout.

According to Berocca Brand Marketing Manager Idonnah Genove, “We want to bring back the feeling of the summer that wasn’t by launching a flavor that reminded consumers of days in the beach. At the same time, we want to give people that much needed boost of energy even when they are at home. Whether you consume Berocca Mango Orange as a daily starter or for your midday dose as a pick-me-up, the new flavor of multivitamins and minerals will surely keep you in a summer state of mind.

Berocca Mango Orange flavor is sold exclusively online at Watsion’s,  South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy and the Goodwill Market.

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