You cannot miss Tan Arellano-Vitug ‘s creations.  Her one-of-a-kind handmade accessories  under the brand  House of Heirloom are unapologetically bold but understated, visually arresting yet classic and very, very limited.   “It has been quite a long journey getting to where I am now as a designer,” shares Tan.  “I studied nursing, passed both the Philippines and US board exams but did not pursue that as a career. Then I  joined the corporate world for a few years but something was amiss.  That’s when I decided to try my hand at making fashion accessories.  With a former officemate, I put up Andie and Chelsea.  The brand carried our daughters’ names which some say is good for business.   Then I decided to go solo and put up Spotted—which was a shortlived venture.  House of Heirloom is the final rebirth of my label.”

Designer and entrepreneur Tan Arellano- Vitug wearing her taupe AURORA scarf necklace made from jersey fabric.)


Inspired Blueprints
Tan reveals that she finds inspiration in anything and everything.  The artist in her sees the possibilities in the most mundane things. “Once , I was in the hardware store and I saw these little wooden hoops.  Immediately, I knew that I could make bracelets and pendants from those. I also find inspiration from places I’ve visited and from books  and magazines I’ve read. The process certainly cannot be hurried.   I use mood boards to concretize my thoughts, make rough sketches and translate my drawings to mock-ups.  Sometimes, it works.  Other times , it doesn’t.   My first customer is myself .  When I create something , I always ask myself – Is this something I would buy and wear?”

Left :Born from a hardware find. The SANDRINE necklaces are made from fabric-wrapped bangles used as pendants. Gold wire details are used to give the pieces a polished finish. Right: The CANSECO 2 layer necklace is made of white semiprecious beads with cross pendant.


The bestseller CLEOPATRA bib is an ode to the beauteous Egyptian Queen. This fabric fringe necklace comes in a variety of colors. Due to client demands, it is one of the few designs that are reproduced, albeit sparingly, every other season.

Her House , Her Rules
A look at the House of Heirloom Instagram account where the designer posts her wares, it ‘s noticeable that the designer is a stickler to her design aesthetics.   “I love my clients.  Some have been ordering from me for years already.   Once in a while though, I would get requests that I have to politely decline—like that time when a woman asked if I could make a pink and purple necklace. In order to keep my brand’s identity,  I have to stay true to my look.”

“My style is always evolving. But I have this thing for fringes. It’s laborious but the finished products please me to no end. “ The ALEGRA leather fringe necklace is another sought after piece.

The BQP’s Top Picks
I really can’t hide my excitement about this brand!  My first purchase was a necklace made of multiple layers of wine-colored resin chains.  Everytime I wear it, people would always compliment me and  ask where I bought it.  I like the fact that a singular piece of accessory not only enhances my outfit but completes it as well.  In addition, I appreciate that everything is 100 percent handmade. The uniformly cut cured leather fringes , the tassels ,the pompoms – all of it are painstakingly done by hand.  The best part is that Tan’s price range is very reasonable.  Truly, there’s nothing not to love about this label!  Even the snooty sounding aristocratic Spanish names that she christens her masterpieces with, make her designs more appealing and desirable.

Willingly chained. My first heirloom piece is the PETROLINA multi –chain necklace in red.


BARAN tassel bracelets in ecru, navy blue and rust.


MUST-HAVE! The CAMILLA loop cord bib in gold.


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To purchase the latest heirloom collections,  visit House of Heirloom on Facebook and Instagram  or call 0917-807-8747.
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  1. I love everything!!!! The outfits that would go with each piece are endless. I suddenly felt the urge to go back to outfit blogging trotting these pieces. Will surely order.
    What’s good about local brands such as this is you’re assured that you won’t bump with one wearing the same piece.
    Discount please!!!

  2. 1. What do you like most about local brand House of Heirloom? – items are so unique, very creative, sophisticated, chic and stylish
    2. Which is your favorite piece? Camilla and Salome
    I checked the website, almost all items are sold out! Wow!!

  3. 1. what like most about local brand House of Heirloom is that every piece is unique and trendy, i can use it on any occasion and make every outfit more outstanding and fashionable!
    2, my favorite piece is The SANDRINE necklaces it is cute and look class!

  4. 1. HOH offers one -of-a-kind accessories. Not mainstream. And the prices as you said are very reasonable!
    2. I like the PETROLINA!

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