*Fringe (noun) – an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists which is used to edge clothing or any kind of material

This Busy Queen has  been seeing  a lot of  products with fringes in almost all of the display windows of  stores and boutiques  she’s gone to around the metro.   Fringes in bags, shoes, accessories and in clothes are abound and aplenty.  It looks like  this seventies trend which started several seasons back is not slowing down any time soon.

Burberry fringed scarves and bucket bag from the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection . Photo credit: us.burberry.com

From Function to Fashion
Just exactly when and how did the use of fringes originate? The American Indians cut the edges of their outerwear to help shed moisture.  As the fringes moved back and forth, their clothes dried faster as water fell to the tips more quickly.   So back then, the focus was more on function and not fashion. The Apache tribe, however, mimicked nature in their clothing and might have used fringes to simulate feathers and wings.  Many years later, in the 1920’s, the skirts got shorter, fringed hemlines went swinging and the flapper look was born. But it was the free-spirited 60’s and 70’s,  that immortalized the hippie-happy fringe look.  Everyone from rockstars to your average Joes and Janes embraced the fringe like they did free love. Four decades later, we now have elite fashion houses such as Miu Miu, Chanel and Gucci breathing new life to the fringe look in their runways and making it a global trend.

Into the Swing of Things

This column is all about sharing my fabulous finds.   Here, I’ve rounded up products from the affordable to the expensive.  I’m quite sure the fashionista in you is more than willing to give this look a try.  Just how much you want to embrace the craze is totally up to you.

Spruce up a solid-colored top with this gold necklace from Penshoppe Accessories. (P350). Be sure to hang this when you keep it to prevent the chains from tangling and also from discoloring.


Fringe Ethnique bags (P2000). May also be used as a clutch since the golden chains are detachable. I’m loving the grey number in the back. Very boho chic!


It was love at first sight for me when I saw this pair. Black suede high heels with ankle wrap fringes and tassels from ZARA (P4500). Guaranteed to add style points to any ensemble. Also comes in cream.


I’m a proud owner of a TALI handmade bag. Women prisoners turned artisans were tapped and taught to make beautiful patterns. This local luxury line empowers the marginalized to afford the basic necessities in life. You can support this socially-conscious business model by purchasing their unique products. Shown here is the GINA big chevron tote (P13,800). Made from plastic straw with genuine leather fringes and tassel.


Turn heads and treat yourself to this gorgeous arm candy! After all, Chanel is always a good option. 

As I mentioned earlier, the fringe mania is likely to be with us for several seasons more.  Be sure to choose pieces that you can mix and match with whatever is in your closet.   With that said, go ahead and get caught up in the fringe fever!
With a pocketful of glitter,


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