September is here! No matter the present circumstance, Filipinos will not be hindered from celebrating the holidays. On that note, Krispy Kreme has lined up the best deals to usher in the “ber” months. How about Iced Coffee for just P75? Yes, you heard that right! You can get your caffeine fix in three satisfying flavors: Classic Iced. Kremey Iced, and Kremey Iced Blend.

Hello Coffee Lovers! Krispy Kreme Iced Coffee is now. Prices start at P75!

How about pairing your iced beverage with the Original Glazed bites bucket (P375)? This is my most favorite version of all — small rounds of OG goodness that you can just pop in your mouth and enjoy over and over again. The packaging is very pretty, too. It looks like a beach bucket with 45 pieces of the OG bites inside.

Dip or Drizzle, Sprinkle and Bite!

To level up the experience of eating these small delights, Krispy Kreme has come up with DIY HOLIDAY BITES (P149). This box of joy comes with a chocolate or vanilla icing dip, and assorted sprinkles for you to mix and match, decorate and enjoy with your loved ones. My little one and I had so much fun bonding over this decorating activity!

Have fun with your little one with Krispy Kreme’s Holiday OG BItes Box.

And for the cherry on top, you can avail of kruffins (Krispy Kreme muffins) for just P45! These oversized muffins are both flavorful and filling. Have them for breakfast or at any time of the day of your choosing.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? At Krispy Kreme, everything is made affordable! So head on to your favorite sweet shop and avail of September’s best deals!

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