What an Electric Weekend! Globe Platinum customers and select media members were invited to participate in a three-day event  from September 4 to 6 which featured free fitness workouts. Step one of the invitation led participants to SHOOR where they can choose from up to three classes facilitated by top fitness instructors from the country’s first indoor cycling gym and premium fitness establishment Electric Studio. Step two: Signing up for classes. Rhythm Boxing, Indoor Cycling or Strength Training? I chose the very first class, Rhythm Boxing. Step three: Receive a Globe Platinum Fitness Bag. My workout kit included pink light weights, a compressed water bottle from Kool and a Fitlab microfiber towel. I heard that Globe delivered indoor bikes to those who did not have their own at home – just for the day, of course.

Workout For A Cause

Workout to Help Out

I brought out my yellow boxing bandage straps, my favorite workout clothes from Victoria’s Secret (Train Like an Angel!) and had the contents of my fitness bag nearby right before I joined the online class via Zoom.  The high-intensity, music-driven shadow boxing lasted a good 45 minutes. Attendees had to finish four levels in order to raise the maximum number of educational school kits for the impoverished children of Baseco Compound. I felt like giving up on the planking but willed myself to finish.  By the end of the program, I was sweating to the hilt!

Raising Future Heroes
Globe Platinum offers perks with a purpose.

The best part about joining the event is the sense of fulfillment afterwards. Not only did I benefit from the workout, I was also able to do a bit of good — and so did all of the people who took part in the campaign. For every class joined and every challenge completed, Globe Platinum matched it with a school kit donation to World Vision, the global organization working with the most vulnerable families to ease the challenges of distance learning during this pandemic.

A total of 373 educational kits were raised after the Electric Weekend run. Participants will get a backpack complete with school supplies and homeschool learning modules approved by the Philippine Department of Education. I laud this initiative of Globe Platinum. Now there is a glimmer of hope that the disadvantaged will be able to reach their dreams and become future heroes of our nation.

Electric Weekend is just the beginning. It is part of the #ForFutureHeroes campaign that gives more purpose to the perks customers will enjoy while they stay safe at home.

With a pocketful of glitter,



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