MILO recently held an online discussion on the crucial role  of parents in keeping their children physically active at home. Being cooped up for a long period of time indoors could lead to negative results both mentally, emotionally and physically. This is the reason why MILO came up with its Home Court Huddle Campaign.

Hosted by Suzy Entrata, with Japoy Lizardo (SEA Games Gold Medalist and dad of two) and Mona Adviento- Maghanoy (UP College of Human Kinetics- Department of Science Asst. Professor), MILO Home Court Huddle aimed to be an insightful parent webinar. Its main goal was to inform and educate parents about the holistic health of kids in the new normal.

Suzy Entrata shared that she makes sure that her kids understand why being active during this time is important. “Since my kids are older, I can explain to them why exercise and eating healthy are important to strengthen our immune system. I also give them the opportunity to choose the activity they want to do.” Japoy Lizardo, on the other hand, shared his road to being a champion. He credits his parents for supporting his dreams which he says is the key to his success in sports and in life.

Meanwhile, Ms. Maghanoy shared, “Studies have proven that two to three minutes of intense physical activity will improve attention and focus. This is important for kids especially when they are studying at home. Engaging in sports leads to having positive emotions. With all the uncertainty that the current situation poses, kids need to be physically active to counter the negativity.”

Expert Advice on Keeping Kids Active

Raising Champions

I grew up listening to MILO’s jingle ,”Everything starts from small beginnings…” As a parent, I try to keep my children healthy by giving them nutritious meals and beverages. For that added energy, MILO drink gives them the extra boost as they engage in sports. Aside from this, I’m quite happy that the brand has free online sports classes. My daughter is a goalie for her school football team. There are videos from the Barca Academy that were really very helpful in teaching her new techniques to improve her goalie skills. Since these are free sports tutorials, all the kids who have access to WIFI can watch and benefit from different coaches.

MILO pushes for physical activity even inside the home.

Even at home , being active is possible. I join my kids in swimming, playing ball and even doing the hula hoop. Being healthy starts from having a positive mindset. As parents, we must  set the example. This pandemic is temporary. We must strive to live life as best we can.

Thank you MILO for helping me unlock my child’s inner champion!

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