Food has been THE constant source of comfort (and joy) for most of us during the quarantine period.  We have scouted and scoured online food sources to get our happy fix. Let’s face it, so many of us are still scared to go out and face this “new normal” so delivery is still the safest way for us to get the food that we crave for.

Maple’s Porchetta and Other Delights

Here’s my latest gastronomic discovery. MAPLE Restaurant, our favorite chef-driven neighborhood dining place, now delivers premium ready-to-eat family-style trays. Two weeks ago, we tried their All Meat Lasagna and Full order of Grilled Salmon with Orzo Pasta. The servings are quite hefty so both trays are good for two to three meals depending on how big your appetite is. We’re a household of six people and we enjoyed it for lunch and dinner. The grilled salmon was an instant hit especially with my teenage son who devoured 3 big slices of salmon on first sitting! Fresh and succulent, the wild-caught fish was a real palette-pleaser.

Wild-Caught Grilled Salmon – Hefty slices of succulent fish served over a bed of orzo pasta with vegetables.

The best was yet to come as we had MAPLE’s perfect porchetta and re-ordered a half size tray of the grilled salmon. I appreciate that both family trays came neatly packaged with reheating instructions. But guess what the porchetta was hot and crispy when it arrived so there was really no need to reheat. We did eat it half an hour later so just ten minutes in the oven and it was ready to serve.

I was wondering how best to carve it so I used kitchen scissors to cut along the grooves of the skin. OMG! I can literally hear the CRRRRRUUUNCHY skin breaking. Half a slab is good for eight to ten people. The true test, of course, is in the eating. Crispy, crunchy, oh-so-delicious skin and super flavourful, tender pork meat —- PURRRRFECT!  You can dip the porchetta in two kinds of sauces — one sour and the other is MAPLE’s signature lechon sauce. Our stomachs were really full and we had big smiles on our faces!


Even if we can’t go out just yet to celebrate special occasions, the good news is that MAPLE makes it possible for us to enjoy gustatory delights right in the comfort of our own homes. I love that the food is delivered hot and fresh. I really do get good value for my money.

Crunchy, crispy skin and flavorful ,tender meat –the perfect porchetta!

For heartwarming, hefty meals that are sure to satisfy the whole family, here’s how you can order: Call+63949 889 2798 0r +632 8621 6211. Soon, you can have it delivered via FoodPanda, too at 888 79000.

With a pocketful of glitter,


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