After an exceptional seven-week run that captivated audiences across the globe with its fresh take on the super powered genre, Korean series Moving has become the most viewed series finale ever on Disney+ across APAC including Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Starring some of the biggest names in Korean entertainment, including Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, and Zo Insung. Moving tells the story of a group of South Korean spies who has made it their mission to protect their kids with super human powers. Initially recruited because of their extraordinary abilitites including flight, instant healing and enhances senses, they pass on their abilities to the kids unwittingly.  The spies disappear after being tasked with dubious missions. On the loose, is a dangerous assassin who wants to annihilate the kids.

Fans of Moving and other unmissable Korean stories can now also enjoy the first three episodes of The Worst Evil exclusively on Disney+. This is a fast-paced crime thriller that follows the adventures of police officer Park Junmo as he infiltrates a dangerous new gang. Headed by Jung Gicheul, a shrewd, charismatic leader, the gang has taken control of the city’s drug trade selling the super lethal “Gangnam Crystal.”

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