I’ve had some horrid experiences in the past with OTC hair dyes.  The end result rarely looks like picture on the box  and I’m so fed up with these brands that overpromises but under delivers.

That’s why I was so happy to discover Vegetal. If you’ve ever tried Bee Choo Origin, then you’ll appreciate Vegetal Bio Colour all the more.The former promises healthier hair and leaves your grey strands with an orangey-rust color. With Vegetal, you can choose the final hue of your mane.

Now, you can change the color of your hair without the use of chemical-laden products. Vegetal Bio Colour is made from plant derived and ayurvedic ingredients  (amla, bhangra, brahmi, coffee, henna ,katha,  indigo, manjistha, and shikakai.) wihich leave the hair with a deep, rich, and vibrant tint. It also doubles as a hair treatment as it coats, softens, and adds volume to each strand after application. Moreso, the product also inhibits dandruff and encourages hair growth. Another good feature is how easy it is to prepare and apply. To get the best results, just add warm milk and stir to get the right consistency. Yes milk! Each box (P985) contains two 50 grams pouch which is good for at least 3-4 uses for medium length hair. Available shades include black, brown, dark brown, and mahogany.

Permanent colors are still best for full grey hair. I would recommend this if you have scattered grey hair but 85 % is still black or brown.

Certified Organic and  Natural-  Vegetal  Bio Colour is a 100% herbal formulation, hypoallergenic, and makes hair stronger and shinier after each use.

***Find the products at VEGETAL Bio Colour IG @vegetalphilippines , FB Vegetal Philippines

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