“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”  -IVANA TRUMP
How often do you visit your salon?  And what do you have done?  Well ladies, no matter how busy we may get,  we should always look our best!   I’ve tried many a beauty nook and this I can say for certain — It’s quite difficult to find a hair stylist that can execute exactly what you want.   You just have to shop around for that right person who is gifted with the magic scissors and blowdryer that can make you look like the goddess that you are!

I made an early appointment at the HAIR LOUNGE.   Along Shaw Blvd. corner Old Wack Wack Street ,  I found the salon which I later learned has had three name changes  over time.  It used to be DETOUR  SALON then LOUIS PHILIP KEE .  For its latest rebirth, the salon carries HAIR LOUNGE on its marquee.
JP Tamayo, lead stylist, greets me and puts me right at ease.  He asks me to sit down , looks at my face on the mirror and touches my strands.  The most obvious fixer-upper are my platinum highlights (aka  renegade white hair) .  He suggests a color, explains that it will take three steps to achieve it and  appeases my worry that the his plan  might cause my hair to be dry and brittle.

Dyeing takes time.  Achieving an exact hue takes a bit more.  I’m normally skeptical of change but JPjust had a quiet confidence about him so I put the fate of my locks in his hands.

Three applications of coloring products were done. The first step is the pre lightening stage.   Since I was warned that it would take hours to finish the procedure, I also had a foot spa /manicure/pedicure.  The foot massage was very relaxing.


The second stage is applying the highlights. My strands were carefully woven and placed inside  pieces of  foil before it was heated.


The third stage involved another application of dye to tone down the blonde color.  Ladies, always remember to match your hair color with your skin tone.  So, four hours  later and VOILA! I think my golden locks look fabulous!

Although the coloring products used on my hair did not contain ammonia, JP  advised me that it’s best to do a keratin treatment after.  I loved the chocolatey smell of it !
WIN A FREE HAIRCUT OR HAIR COLOR TREATMENT!!! Just answer these on the blog:
1. Which treatment would you like to try from the HAIR LOUNGE Salon?
2. What’s your best haircare secret?
Best answers will win !

 Haircuts are P250 for men and P350 for women.  Hair treatments start at P800.  Today,  two women came and availed of the Brazilian blowout .  Apparently, the salon  is quite known for this service.
If you’re looking for your limp hair to be curled, your wild curls to be tamed , or you’re ready to sport a new hair color, then I recommend that you visit HAIR LOUNGE.  The staff is very friendly , accommodating and skilled.
Do book your appointment by calling 09178084848 and 02-2393702 before stopping by as it gets quite busy on certain days.  Owner Cathy Cruz  tells me that JP is also a wonderful make-up artist .   Well, I just have to find time to test that out myself.

Just had to take a picture on my way home. I’m one happy customer!

See you at the salon!

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  1. I love the new color of your hair BQP. Super nice!
    It seems price is affordable.
    Thank you for sharing it to your followers!

  2. I had my last haircut and treatment last November 2013 and since then I haven’t gone to any salon for a haircut or treatment. I was dying to get another hairstyle last January 2014 but I postponed due to my pregnancy. Now that I gave birth, I want to treat myself with a new hairstyle. My hair is so long at this time which make it difficult for me to dry. I also have issues about falling hair. I am looking for a hair treatment that would suit to my preference as I am also breastfeeding my son. I hope they use mommy friendly products so I could avail their services and have that beautiful hairstyle without the threat to my son. 🙂

  3. I live near Shaw, but I never tried visiting The Hair Lounge. To be honest, I’m having a lot of reservations in fear of another salon horror story or a blotchy dye job. But after reading your entry, I loved how the color worked beautifully on you, Ms. Paulyne! Thanks for your recommendation! I was very much convinced to take the plunge and try their service. With that, I would love to experience their hair color treatment on my very first visit. I’ve been sporting brown hair for 8 years now, and I want a lighter hair color for a change.
    My best kept secret for healthier hair is that I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They’re the best sources of essential nutrients, providing my hair the TLC it needs and deserves. For my hair color to last longer, I always use leave-in conditioners after washing. Also, I always carry with me an umbrella when I’m out. This helps protect my hair from getting damaged by the sun and depleting the color away.

  4. Best hair care secret is shampooing every other day so as not to dry my hair . Using conditioner too and cutting the hair every two months for maintenance. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair color! Very classy and what can I say —- GORGEOUS!!!

  5. 1. I want to try the color ash hair treatment because I super love the color. I know I will look really good in it, just like you. 🙂
    2. My best haircare is wash my hair and condition it everyday. And I use powerdose hair treatment every month. 🙂

  6. 1. I want to try hair color treatment because I want my hair to look like your BQP. So nice and beautiful.
    2. Nothing fancy. I just properly wash and clean my hair and I always avoid sun, to prevent hair sun damage.

  7. 1 – I want to try the color hair treatment because I want to hide my white hair and look my best all the time.
    2 – I always go to salon for hot oil services for my hair.

  8. I’m always hesitant to try a new look but when I read your feature, I I want to have a new haircut. I want to experience the expertise of the stylists 🙂 I want my hair to have a new cut, the layered one and also have it cellophane to be more glossy and shiny.
    My best care secret is just very simple – to choose a natural shampoo that is perfect for my hair type. Use conditioner after every shampoo. Dry my hair with an electric fan and not a blow dryer so not to make it brittle and have falling hair. Apply a small amount of leave on.
    Your hair really looks fabulous BQP! I love it. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. I wanted to try something new for my hair like ombre or highlights or something lighter shade for my hair color because I usually have mEdium Reddish brown shade since college. 🙂
    My hair care routine is hair conditioner more rather than using shampoo to prevent my hair from being dull and dry, i seldomly use shampoo in a week to get rid of dry hair.

  10. 1. I want the color ash hair color treatment you had to cover my gray hair.
    2. I apply sabila sap on my scalp to help improve my dry hair strands (due to regular coloring). I go for organic shampoo with gugo extract to help thicken my hair and strengthen the hair strands. I use shampoo every other day and use and use conditioner everyday. I apply hair cuticle and wear bandanas to protect my colored hair from exposure to excessive sunlight.

  11. For mother’s day, I wanted to curl my hair and I remembered a post and picture of you w/ beautiful curls. Of course, I went to BQP to remind my memory in my attempt to do something similar to my crown. Happy Mother’s Day BQP! Virtual hugs to you and your fambam 🙂

    1. It’s so nice to heat from you G! Happy Mother’s Day dear G! Do show me how your curls turn out 🙂

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