Not every shoe purchase should wipe out your savings.   For a self-confessed shoe addict like me,  saying “NO” to feet candy  can really be quite daunting.  Well, how do you know if you should buy that pair that’s just blinking with “TAKE ME HOME, MAMA!” ?   Here are my tried and tested rules.
1.  Don’t doubt BLACK  –   Whether it be pumps, stilettos , wedges , flats or sandals, you’ll get the most mileage from black.  It goes with almost anything!
2. Which outfit will  go well with it?  –  Ringing up yellow shoes seem silly, if  you can’t wear it with anything in your closet.   Since I normally sport jeans, white shorts or a shift dress when I got to the mall,  any pair I try on that looks good with whatever I’m wearing is a sure buy for me!
3.  Comfort or Fashion?  Now this is entirely YOUR choice!  Admittedly, I’m willing to suffer for fashion.  But that’s me.  A beautiful pair of shoes makes me very happy even if I can wear it only for a few hours at a time.  And for that sacrifice , I insist on full body shots to immortalize the moment! Hahaha!
These two brands are my favorite in the mid-range price category.  Both are fashion forward but are reasonably priced.
My picks from the Pedro online store are shown below:

From your basic black/nude to colored heels, Pedro has it all.


A POP OF COLOR can totally change an outfit!


Every girl needs a comfortable pair of sandals. Wear these with shorts or wide legged pants.


Summer is almost here! I love wearing wedges and here are my faves from the latest collection.


It’s also good to browse the online store of your brand so you can see how the shoes can be worn.



These are my go to heels when I’m wearing a nice pair of denims.


AHHH…. Just look at these! There were so many gorgeous pairs at the Changi Airport (SINGAPORE) store that I had to get a stroller to put my boxes .   The pairs were also so much cheaper there because the purchases were tax-free!  At the same time, I also used the stroller as my daughter’s pretend carriage. Shoe shopping and Mommy time CAN work!
CHOICES! CHOICES! I wish I got the red pair too!


This pair is a deadringer for a luxury label? Lovely! Can you guess which one?

And for the juicy finale,  here is my current favorite from Charles & Keith!

I’m totally in love with my rockstar heels! Wore it to a fashion show with a black dress but it would look fab with great jeans too!

Hmmm… I must admit it was only when I was fixing the pictures for this post that I noticed most of my recent  purchases have been in nude.   No worries! All are smart buys and the happiness these shoes give continues until today.   But what’s more important is that I’m able to use all of them  unlike some pairs that have collected cobwebs in my closet.
I’ll repeat what I wrote in the early days of my blogging.  Never , never buy  ANYTHING that is way out of your budget.  If you like two or three but can only afford one, then buy the one you like most.  Fashion has a price — but make sure it’s a price YOU can afford.  With that said, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i did writing it.
Another confession from this happy shoe addict,
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  1. Big dilemma for me ….I love them all !!! And of course, I can’t buy them all. I will just dream of them tonight

  2. I can simply say WOW! 🙂 …Nice, fabulous and elegant picks! I wish I also had a collection like yours but my feet are only for flats.
    I remembered the PEDRO shoes! 🙂 What color to choose.
    Nice Post BQP!

  3. Good finds, BQP! Shopping for shoes can be a problem especially if you think you will look good in all of them (or vice versa). Plus the fact that shoes can expire, too, if not worn often enough and we don’t want that to happen. I agree with you that black is the most essential color in footwear. What a coincidence when you said most of your new shoes are in nude! Mine as well! Let’s enjoy our shoes! They were made for walking, after all… (“,)

  4. I super like your rockstar heels 🙂 Perfect for your black dress. It looks fabulous and elegant.
    All shoes are adorable! Nice post BQP!

  5. I keep reading your post. I truly love seeing the SHOE PICTURES of different colors and brands ( wedges, flats and stilettos). Thinking that, I’ll also have that collection 🙂 Hoping that I can wear those wedges and stilettos without my feet and toe nails getting dead 🙂
    More fashion, bags and shoe reviews plus another set of stylish and elegant pictures from your collection on your next post! Your recommendation was tried and tested BQP!

  6. Loving all the shoes you featured! Promise ! I love nude! especially those heeeeellllsss!
    Loving your taste girl 🙂 continue rocking it!

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