Good day Royals! I’ve been getting mail asking me where I shop, how to get the best deals and if it’s ok to recycle gifts.  I have also received questions regarding “practical” gift-giving —“BQP,  is it ok to go generic? I don’t have time to buy each of my co worker  a different  present. “  But this question takes the cake as the most bizarre question I have gotten so far — “ Since Christmas is now a commercial holiday,  I’ve decided to be smart about gift-giving.  For the past two years,  hinihintay ko  muna matanggap ang gifts ng mga tao bago ako magbigay  (I wait until I receive the gifts of others before I get them anything).  This  way, I give them exactly what they thought (think)  I’m worth.   Tama ba ako?  I will try to answer all these queries through this post.

MAKE A LIST –  Family members, friends, your godchildren,  co-workers, employees, bank personnel, the teachers of your kids etc.  This will save you a whole lot of time and effort.  You can also plan your budget more efficiently.
START EARLY –  I love giving gifts! As we get older though, more and more people are added to our Christmas list.  To avoid the rush and to be able to give thoughtful gifts,  I  start buying as early as August! Do you really want to be part of the mad rush and brave the weekend traffic ? There’s a week left to November, so you better hustle up! 🙂

Come from a big family? Gifts don’t need to be expensive to please. Just hand these cute jelly pops to toddlers or carolers and see them smile! BE ON THE LOOK-OUT FOR GREAT DEALS –  Mid- year sales , Anniversary sales,  bazaars and the like are your best bets for good finds.


I bought these tumblers while they were on a BUY 1 Take 1 promo! So classy and fun too! You can create your own designs on the acetate inside.

BUYING IN BULK –  Thoughtfulness doesn’t mean getting a different gift for everybody.  The simple fact that you took time out to buy, wrap and hand a gift to someone, already shows your holiday spirit and good intentions.  There’s also an advantage when buying in bulk.  Stores will oftentimes give you a discount or freebies!
Every year, it’s my assignment to help the hubby come up with 70 or more gifts for his officemates.  This year, I was able to finish my homework even before November ended!

How absolutely cute and functional are these lunchkits! You’ll have other girls swooning over your colorful lunchgear. Comes with a plastic container inside for your food and a “spork” that’s ingeniously hidden on top of the lid. I bought a dozen of these because it just simply makes a great gift!


I hoarded these artsy umbrellas from &Everything during a private sale. GOOD NEWS! Iya Prado and her lovely umbrellas will be at the ST. JAMES BAZAAR in Ayala Alabang this weekend (Nove 27-30)!

GREAT GIFTS COME IN SPECIAL PACKAGES – I can’t emphasize this enough.   The packaging is as important as the gift inside.   The effort you put in wrapping your tidings will surely be appreciated.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift like this one? Thank you to THE FOOD BIN for my early Christmas gift. I can even reuse the crate and make it a magazine rack or a toy box for my daughter. You can avail of Trader Joe’s goodies and hard to find imported items from THE FOOD BIN. Stores are  located in their Katipunan behind Wham Burgers, in Rockwell  along Kalayaan Ave, and in Eastwood  Mall everyday until the New Year.


I like to shop at Marks and Spencer because they will wrap and bag each item for you. Their bags also come with gift tags. Hassle-free gifting, don’t you agree?

THE OLD ADAGE –   I go by only one rule of thumb – I’d rather be remembered as a generous giver than a bitter one.  The boxes you hand out reflect on you.  But what is truly important is the spirit in which you give.  So to the reader who sees gift giving as a barter of goods — this is my advice to you.  Try and find some joy inside of you.  Christmas is such a happy occasion.  We give gifts to share our blessings and not to measure other people’s intentions.  If you get an ugly gift, it speaks of the giver and not of you.

My favorite membership shopping depot, makes it easy to choose gifts. They carry everything from Executive baskets to reaonably priced cookie cans.


1.  What is your best Christmas shopping advice?!

This season let’s remember the ones who we hold dear in our hearts.  Let’s also remember the ones who are incapable of giving material things in return like our helpers, drivers, the security guards in our village, the mailman, and even the local magtataho. Donate to a worthy cause, to your church or to the orphanage. No matter how cliché it may sound — it is still better to give than to receive.
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  1. Your blog is very helpful. My advice is buy small stuffs too like keychains, lipsticks, matchbox cars and little barbies, in case you forgot someone on your list or an unexpected friend show up all of a sudden, it usually saves your worries.
    Good luck to us for our shopping escapade. No stress but have fun!

  2. My Christmas shoping advice…Go and shop in different bazaars , divisoria and baclaran. You can buy beautiful gift items there in a chraper price…Thankk you ms.BQP for also sharing your shopping advice and for a wonderful Christmas message…Merry Christmas!

  3. My best Christmas shopping tip is to make a detailed Christmas shopping list. This will include the names of your gift recipients, your budget for each one, possible gift items that you know they will love and bring this list with you wherever you go cause you will never know if you spot something nice and affordable in some bazaar or mall. Having this detailed list with you will save you time, money and effort. P.S.: I just love your umbrellas above!

  4. The Holiday Season is almost over but we can still use BQP’s great tips for shopping! 🙂
    For me, best Christmas shopping advice is to start early…list down on a piece of paper all your friends, relatives and colleagues you will buy gifts for…Just follow BQP’s advice and for sure you won’t get wrong 🙂
    Happy Holidays! Cheers!

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