My family and I don’t know the first thing about tennis.  But even if  we were clueless about how the game is played and  were  hardly familiar with most of the tennis players who are coming to Manila, the chance to see them up close was too good to pass up. 🙂   After all,  even I know who MARIA SHARAPOVA  is and I’m certainly prepared to go cross-eyed watching the tennis ball go back and forth just to see her.  🙂
Outside the Arena on DAY 2 of the International Premier Tennis League Tour

Outside the Arena on DAY 2 of the International Premier Tennis League Tour

The first thing you must know about watching a tennis game is that there is a proper decorum.  You have to sit down while the match is being played , you have to keep quiet and you cannot heckle the players.  In fact, you cannot enter the court if the game has started already.  You have to wait until  the break to enter the arena.
There are four competing teams in the  2014International Premier League, namely : Singapore Slammers,  UAE Royals,  Manila Mavericks and Indian Aces.   Each team has a roster of tennis superstars  who will travel, play and showcase the game globally.

The pretty ladies of IPTL

So there we were seated right behind the players. What a surreal experience!

Tomas Berdych of the Singapore Slammers smiles and signs autographs after beating US OPEN champion Marin Cilic at the opening match of the IPTL Day 2.


Maria Sharapova watches as her teammates play their games. Sadly, she couldn’t find her winning edge last Saturday.


Daniela Hantuchova bowed to Kristina Mladenovic in their singles match.


A light moment for the Manila Mavericks’ Murray, Moya and Tsonga


From upper left clockwise : Carlos Moya, Andy Murray,Treat Huey and Tsongga, Huey and I totally forgot the other guy’s name because he got beaten so badly after replacing Moya. Truthfully, only Half -Pinoy Huey and Tsonga played welll for the Mavericks. They beat Gael Monfils and Bopanna of the Indian Aces in their doubles match.


Unfortunately, these superstars didn’t shine at the IPTL Manila Leg.

I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did watching the games. Well, half the time I was watching the players in the bench ! hahaha.  I wish though that the Manila Mavericks played better.  After all , they were in Manila and had the homecourt advantage so to speak.  But Carlos Moya stopped playing after five minutes of action against Fabrice Santorini.  Only to be replaced by ________ who played even worse.  Both Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova struggled with their games both in their single matches and when they teamed up.  At the end it was already painful to watch Maria getting creamed by the beautiful Ana Ivanovic. Maria grunted the whole time while Ana just smiled and even stuck her tongue out —-apparently having a great time.
I was most amused at my eleven year-old boy who at the start of the game kept on going to the Manila Mavericks players  to have his ball signed.  In the end though he was already cheering for the Indian Aces and couldn’t take his eyes off Ana.  “Mom, I would be so sad, if I don’t get Ana’s signature,” M said.  Naku, my boy has a new crush!  So, he sprang from his seat right after Ana’s game with Maria and “super nakipagsiksikan” with the other fans to get his big tennis ball signed. Minutes later, hair dishevelled, face flushed and with a very wide smile he says ” MOM! Ana signed my ball FIRST!!! WOOHOO!”  I have a feeling we’ll be watching more tennis games from now on. What a way to cap my birthday weekend!

This pretty face enjoyed her game, beat Maria Sharapova 6-3 and won my little boy’s heart!


At first he thought, he liked Maria but Ana’s winning ways caught his attention!

(The next leg of the IPTL tour will be in New Delhi where Rodger Federer will play. At the end of the second day, the scores were UAE Royals 57 games won, Indian Aces 50 wins, Manila Mavericks 39 wins and Singapore Slammers 38 wins)
More exciting posts coming up!
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  1. I don’t know much about tennis compared with basketball and volleyball 🙂 but I’m a great fan of Maria Sharapova! Pretty face with such a great talent.
    M knows how to choose his girl 🙂 That’s good! Thanks BQP for sharing again another feature. To be honest, I don’t know that they’ll be playing here in our country 🙂

  2. Lucky M …to have this experience! I feel that as parents we should expose our children to as many varied experiences as possible. This was an amazing opportunity to watch the best tennis players in action.

  3. Yey M for that autographed ball! 🙂 Very engaging post, as always BQP! Great event as always PLDT HOME! 🙂

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