Believe it or not, I’m notorious for not combing my hair.  My hairdryer has gathered cobwebs from non-use and my driver shakes his head every time I rush to the car  with my hair wet and unkempt.  So this year, I decided I wanted to do something with my unruly, limp mane.  Two days before my birthday, I went to PARKJUN’s Hair Salon (located at#224 Upper Ground Level  of Alabang town Center –above Marks and Spencer).

PARKJUNS has 300 branches in 13 countries. It caters to an elite clientele which includes international and local celebrities. Calll 511-8202 to inquire about promotions. The salon offers morning, weekend and birthday discounts!


PARKJUN’S has Sarah Geronimo, Lucy Torres- Gomez and Eula Valdez as regulars.


LENA, the  Korean senior hairstylist,  took a long time examining my strands.  She ran her fingers through it and shook her head. Too dry, uneven dye and remnants of my highlights from last year were still showing.  After shampooing my hair,  Lena continued her scrutiny.  “Mucota!” she said to her assistant.  So back to the shampooing area I went.

PARKJUN’S prides itself in using only the best hair products.  The MUCOTA HAIR CARE SYSTEM comes from Japan  and I tell you, it made a believer out of me! Lena said I needed the treatment before I could have my hair curled, otherwise,  my locks will suffer more damage.   This 6-step treatment involves :   1. SHAMPOOING with AIRE to remove the dirt from hair and cleanse the scalp 2. APPLICATION of ETHOS to prevent further damage to chemically treated hair 3. APPLICATION of SCENA for hair repair 4. APPLICATION of CALORE for the protection of hair cuticle 5. HONEY TRETAMENT (Light Veil Conditioner) to maintain moisture inside the  hair  and 6. SHINE SPRAY  to protect the hair from heat.

Expect only the highest quality products from PARK JUNS Beauty Lab.


MAGIC VOLUME WAVE – To achieve perfect curls, the hair is carefully sectioned and set.


Looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie — but it’s just me getting my digi-perm.


LOVE IT! So , so happy with the result! Lena also gave me a cut, dyed my roots and rebonded the top part of my hair to get rid of the frizz. FANTASTIC!

In Korea,  hair styling is a serious profession.  The government regulates the mane industry by conducting a state exam and only the best pass and are given licenses.  PARKJUN’s caters to a discerning clientele.  There is a reason why services are a bit pricey.  Nothing is rushed or done hurriedly. (It took the team 5 hours to finish working on my look).  The hair specialists take their time examining your hair, explaining  what treatment is best and executing  the best style for you.   I’m so happy with the way my curls turned out. It’s been a little over a week now and I still look like I just out of the salon ! My hair is soft, bouncy and shiny.  As for combing , well the good news is that combing is not allowed! Hahaha, All I have to do is air dry my scalp and twirl the end of my hair to keep the curls.
What a cool change indeed!

Thanks LENA for my fab Korean curls!


Owner Stacey Kim has big plans for the future. A branch in the north (MM) and a private salon that serves liquor and food to select VIP clients.



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  1. Your curls look amazing!!! It looks so natural ….have super straight hair …jealous! Maybe would consider going to ParkJun

  2. During my younger years my mom always had my hair curled especially if there were school programs but as I got older, I preferred to have astraight hair. Now, after reading the blog and seeing BQP’s new look…I’m having second thoughts that I want to try the curls again 🙂
    I super love BQP’s hair and color! It looks so natural 🙂 Hope I can try ParkJun’s.

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