“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel
Did you know that fragrances have the power to affect your moods and perceptions?  Studies have shown that a pleasant odor makes us more cheerful, relaxed or excited.  The feelings that are aroused by scents largely depends on what thing, event or experience we have previously attached to it.  So if you remember coming home to the smell of homebaked chocolate chip cookies, chances are the smell of cocoa will remind you of a happy childhood.  Frolicking on the beach with the ocean breeze on your face, a liking for citrus fruits or waking up to the smell of a  garden in full bloom will give you memories that later on will affect the way you react to the same or similar kinds of scents.

Left – Summer is forever when you use Beach Aura. Right – Smell like a princess and try one of the bestsellers – Royal Diana bodywash and hand sanitizer.  

A good friend recommended that I try the scents of SMELL CHIC.  She swears by the line’s Classic Audrey bodywash and told me , “Go ahead, try it.  It smells like that cologne you hoard from Singapore!”   Intrigued but skeptical, I ordered a bottle of the bodywash online. Oh my! It did have hints of my favorite nectarine and honey blossom cologne from  JO MALONE!  It immediately set me in a good mood.  The label even reads “I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”  Great way to start that particular Monday!

A scent for every day of the week!  

One week later, I sat down with two of the four owners of SMELL CHIC – Cathy Cruz and  Vanna Garcia (Maui David-Chua and Lisa Rossiter were both indisposed).    “We wanted to come up with a fragrance line that would suit the different moods of a cosmopolitan woman,” says Vanna.  “Some days are easy and laidback while some are highly-charged and busy.  We have scents that match the persona that a woman wants to exude in whatever kind of day she’s having.  Our brand now carries a compact line composed of hand sanitizers, body wash and linen sprays. In the future, we plan to add eau de toilette, colognes and even insect repellants,” Cathy further explains.

A common love for fashion and fragrances prompted these four friends to start their own label of scents. (L-R) Maui, Cathy, Vanna and Lisa) 

The BQP’s Top Picks

Keep your hands clean and fresh all the time.

Smell Chic has seven fragrances for both the body wash and the hand sanitizers (Beach Aura, Boyfriend Sense, Casual Petite, Classic Audrey, Sophisticated Grace, Royal Diana and Charming Impression).   You may also want to try the linen sprays which has four scents (Olive, Fresh Bamboo, Lavender and Green Tea).   According to the girls, the names of the scents were specifically chosen to capture the mood that they seek to create.
My top three picks are  Sophisticated Grace for the body wash (P379 for 500ml). It has a fresh and very mild floral scent that makes me stay in the shower longer than I should.  A spritz of  the Classic Audrey for the hand sanitizer (P99 for 50ml) assures me that my hands are clean and leaves my palms smelling like nectarine.   I also recommend the Olive spray (P479 for 500ml)  for the bedroom.  Again, there’s no need to spray a lot.   A squirt or two will leave your beddings smelling squeaky clean and fresh. Perfect for a  restful slumber.

Scents for the home.

Choose the fragrance that suits you!
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1. What is your favorite scent?
2. What SMELL CHIC product would you like to try?
Winnesr will be announced on JULY 15!

Please check their Facebook and Instagram accounts.   Call them at 09174864888 or email smellchicph@yahoo.com for orders.

With a pocketful of glitter,


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  1. I love floral scents. Not the overpowering kind but just the mild jasmine and rose scent. i would love to try the Sophisticated Grace bodywash.

  2. I love the shower fresh scent. I would love to try Royal Diana since it’s one of the best sellers.

  3. I love the smell of baby powder! It makes me feel fresh and cool!
    I would like to try the Olive spray for my bedroom, I want to experience its clean and fresh scent so I’ll always have a restful sleep. For sure it will give me a relaxing feeling after my work.

  4. I really like powder / after-shower scents. Refreshing! I’d like to try SMELL CHIC’s body wash and hand sanitizer lines.

  5. I prefer scents which are just mild and smell like a baby because I feel fresh all the time.
    I want to try two scents from SMELL CHIC. Who doesn’t want to smell like a princess. First choice is the Royal Diana Bodywash. Second, Olive spray for my room to experience a fresh and relaxing feeling when I go to sleep.

  6. I love citrus scents because it gives me that extra boost of energy. I stay away from overpowering scents and prefer mild fragrances.
    I want to try the Royal Diana bodywash and sanitizer so all through out the day, I’ll feel and smell like a princess 🙂 and of course everybody would like to sit next to me 🙂

  7. I’m an easygoing girl so I like my scents the same, easy and light. I shy away from overpowering scents that make it hard to breathe.
    I’d love to try the BQP’s recommendations, Sophisticated Grace or Classic Audrey.
    Also, how cute is the packaging with their adorable polka-dot bows?!

  8. I love fruity scents! It makes me feel young and fresh perfect for my personality! On the contrary, I’d like to try Sophisticated Grace scent. 😀

  9. I like fresh and floral scents. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. Some scents are too overpowering and irritate my nostrils. I prefer mild and subdued scents that are long lasting.
    I would love to try Smell Chic’s beach aura.

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