Like a moth to the flame, I have always been drawn to everything brilliant and dazzling.   It was twelve years ago, while I was pregnant with my son, when I passed by a display counter of  Swarovski in one of the malls.  I remember seeing small crystal figurines that radiated small flecks of color as they stood under mini spotlights in the glass enclosed space.  “How pretty,” I said to myself.  Then I tried on the different accessories until I finally made my first purchase – a pair of pink heart shaped earrings which were as big as twenty-five centavo coins.  Since then, I have been a fan of the dazzling crystals of Swarovski and have collected quite a few over the years.

Gifted myself with these. Crystals cut like diamonds.

Born from Brilliance
It was Daniel Swarovski who first thought of cutting the crystals the way diamonds are cut. Born in 1862 in Northern Bohemia which was then the center of crystal and costume jewelry, Daniel honed his craft in  bringing out the brilliance of the sparkling stones.  He later moved to Austria and furthered his business  there.
In the 2Oth Century,  Swarovski crystals were being used by fashion houses all over Europe including Chanel, Balenciaga and Dior.  Today, the fourth and fifth generations of the Swarovski family  are still very much in control of their crystal empire.

Alessandra Ambrosio walked the runway wearing thirty pounds of Swarovski encrusted wings at the Victoria’s Secret 2011 show. Photo from Alé by  Alessandra (officiial blog site of Alessandra Ambrosio).

Cuff Me!
My Mom always told me that there are three things that I must do as a woman : Get educated, be financially independent and buy my own jewelry.  I’ve taken these three things to heart and proud to have accomplished them all.  Lately , however, I’ve been buying/investing in more accessories .  I find that I’m able to use them more frequently and since their prices don’t run into the hundreds of thousands like diamonds do, I’m able to afford them , resell them and purchase more that suit my fancy.
Cuffs have always been my favorite thing to wear.  Just look at these dazzlers from Swaroski!

Black H shaped with black and white stones. Love!


I tried this on at a mall in the Fort BGC strip. Quite difficult to put on but stunning nonetheless. Perfect for a formal event or cocktails.


Also tried this thinner bracelet. I prefer the thicker models.

The BQP’s Swarovski Collection
Here are some pieces I bought at the Novotel mall during my last trip to Hong Kong.  Lucky that there was a sale and luckier to get my hands on these at good discounts.

Red drop earrings with two faces. Haven’t worn these yet. Waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this pair.


Swarovski round pendant on long chain. This looks good when worn with black or any dark colored top.


I’m a big fan of Tinkerbell! Saw it, tried it and bought it!

Proper care must be followed to make these beauties last.  Don’t spray perfume on it.  Best to get dressed,  put on your favorite scent and wear your Swarovski last.   The brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is now available.
With a pocketful of glitter,


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  1. Just so pretty, especially the cuffs, and of course, your personal collection, BQP! 🙂 finer, prettier things as these crystals! 🙂

  2. That thick cuff studded with white crystals is a beauty! So are those Tinkerbell earrings… so you BQP!

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