We reached the concert venue and found a looooonnggg line of people waiting to get in.  My friends and I ( together with our kids) made our way to the VIP entrance.  The whole lobby was a-buzz with excited concert goers taking pictures with Taylor Swift standees, buying shirts and trying desperately to get concert posters from the sponsors.
Inside the Arena, the stage was covered with red drapes.   The concert started minutes before 9pm.  There was no front act.  Taylor Swift appeared on stage dressed in high-waisted black shorts and a white polo.   She took the top off minutes later and changed to a red tee that had “MANILA” printed on it in big bold  letters.    The singer opened the show with “State of Grace“, “Holy Ground“, “Red” (which according to her was the best color to describe love)  and “The  Lucky One“.  There was a big screen set on top of a staircase that showed different video clips  as she sang one  song after another.
The second part of the repertoire had more girls singing  and shrieking . Miss Swift sang  “Mean” ( an ode to teeners trying to fit in –“Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me and all you’re ever gonna be is mean…Why do you have to be so MEAN?”), “22” (which my galpals and I could relate to – “Everything will be alright… if we just keep on dancing like we’re 22” …haha), “You Belong with Me” ( which brought the house to a thundering frenzy) and “Fearless” (playing the guitar she belted “And I don’t know how it gets better than this.. take my hand ,drag me head first.. Fearless”).
With no intermission numbers, Taylor sang her last set starting with “Sparks Fly“.  She donned a dominatrix type costume as she sang ” I Knew You Were Trouble“.  And out of nowhere, a grand piano appeared and she played “All Too Well” .  Again, our eardrums got a beating as the fans screamed while Taylor thrashed her head repeatedly during the number.

Taylor performs “I Knew You Were Trouble” to a full pack house!


Gifted singer/songwriter TS is known for writing songs about her (failed) relationships and dishing out on her ex-es. From top – Love Story, Fearless, All Too Well

The award winning singer came out in  a silk gown as she sang the love anthem “Love Story” (…You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess . It’s a love story, Baby, just say yes…)  Everybody knew the lyrics to this one and so everyone sang their hearts out. 🙂  She bade the people goodbye after this.  But, as expected, she returned and sang the finale.  The ultimate revenge and moving on song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was the fitting number to end the night.  As a carousel flashed on screen, Taylor Swift came out in a ringmaster costume and sang her hit song.  And with one last “wink”, the singer disappeared from stage.

The show ended with a WINK !

In terms of production value, I have seen better shows.  This one just had a big screen and dancers thrown here and there.  The screaming girls didn’t mind.  At one point, the singer even forgot the opening lyrics to “Fearless.”  I will give Taylor Swift big brownie points though for being very considerate to her fans.  She went down the stage and took time to hold as many hands as she could.  She also spent a lot of time in the middle stage so she could be nearer to people in the back .  But whatever she did, the crowd just simply adored her!
I can’t wait until my little R grows up so I can bring her to watch Taylor’s show. Until then, au revoir Little Miss Taylor! 🙂

Had a fun time with my girlfriends at the show. Their daughters loved the concert while my son thought it was a bit too “girlie” for his taste . 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing this BQ Paulyne. We planned to watch this concert but with your post it seems that we didn’t miss it. Thank you

  2. I remember Jill when she asked me to buy the “Red” album in Itunes when it was launched. She played it many times and even used “22” as her background music when she made a personal video.
    She had a big smile on her face when you invited us to watch the concert. Thanks BQP for this opportunity. You made my unica hija happy. Not to mention that I equally had fun spending the night with my girlfriends!!!

    1. I enjoy spending time with you girls. It feels like we’re 22 again haha.:) I’m also happy to see Jill and Kate enjoying themselves in the concert. Until next time!

  3. Thank you BQP and to Boss A for the tickets. My daughter loves Taylor Swift. She danced and sang along with her during the concert. I enjoyed watching it!

  4. If only we knew the lyrics like all the screaming girls around us! Glad you all enjoyed the show. 🙂

  5. A night for the books! T-Swizzle truly is a legit artist, and it was so cute hearing her say a couple of Filipino phrases. Thank you BQP, the night was a fairytale. ✨

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you took, Kate. The photos helped me relive the show. Glad you enjoyed the concert!

  6. Totally a night to remember! I fell in love with T Swift all over again. Thanks to the BQP. It was amazing!!! ❤️

  7. Though I am not much into pop, I think this girl has great song writing skills. My son made me buy the Taylor Swift edition Cornetto ice cream so we can join the raffle for the concert tickets unfortunately we did not win. Actually, we (meaning, I) forgot to send our entries in. LOL

    1. Yes, I agree with you. TS is a great songwriter and storyteller. I had to watch her videos online so I could get the proper lyrics. 🙂 Sorry you missed the show. But don’t worry, TS will be back soon- she said so herself! 🙂

  8. Salute to M’lady! Enjoy your children’s youth. They grow faster than we can ever imagine.

  9. I remember the song “love story” which is still my LSS. I still envy you for watching the concert! I hope there will be another concer and I am sure to come!

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