Choosing  a gift for your  dad or your husband can be quite a daunting task.  With barely ten days to go to Daddy’s big day, you better start looking for that special gift.  Hubby A bought his advanced Father’s Day present in Singapore.   He only purchased from one store during our week long stay.   Maybe you can find some inspiration from his good finds.  If not , I’ve lined up many gift ideas for you.
BOSS by Hugo Boss (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

The latest shoes from this luxury brand (Price range SGD$400 -700)


The future boss and his Daddy Boss– hahaha.   This jacket will be passed on as an heirloom.


The Boss Store in Greenbelt 5 is on sale right now. They carry the orange version of the hubby’s blue jacket.


Adora is all dressed up for Father’s Day! The store in now on sale.

Suits by Costume Nationale, Missoni and Neil Barrett

Take advantage of this mid year offer!

JKJY Shoes

Monks, Brogues and Oxfords from Stella Luna’s Male Counterpart – Jack and Jimmy/ Prices start at Php7000

Shoes, Belts, Shirts

Take your pick! Shoes from Php8,000, Belts fromPhp2,000. Shirts from Php3,500

Long Sleeves

I love the minute paiseley design on this polo. Php4,000

Office bag and Shoes

Shoes Php 4000 and up, leather laptop bag Php12,000 , belts Php2,500


Shirts retail at Php3000 but are now discounted up to 50%

SM Department Store

Top and middle row -Blue suede shoes and colored soles from W. Brown Php2,000. Bottom row- Shoes from Milanos Php 1,200

You may purchase these collector’s items at Nike stores or at TITAN.

CLOCKWISE (from top right) 1. Air Force 1 2. JORDAN 11 3.Air Force 1 4. JORDANS


A perfect gift for your sporty dad or husband. Php 3,500

Basketball Shoes

Retails at Php6995


Weekend walkers. Price starts at Php3,000

In the end, nothing beats presents that come from the heart.  Thoughtfulness will always trump material excessiveness in my book.  So aside from a small gift that the children and I still bought for the most important man in our lives, my son M will make a personalized greeting card , my three year old will sing and I will prepare a good breakfast.  A little planning goes a long way. 🙂
image001 (1)


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  1. I always draw up blank when thinking of possible gifts for Dad and my brothers, so thanks for the totally needed tips, BQP! It’s such a struggle to think of what the guys would like, it drives me and Mom nuts. Shopping for girls is just way more fun HAHAHA

  2. I love this writeup!!!! I saw Boss A wearing his blue heirloom piece last Friday & i commented how awesome it was! Gwapo! May you have an awesome lovely date w/ your one true love on his special day. Hugs! ❤

  3. My papa and husband would be very happy if I give them those BOSS by Hugo Boss fab finds, good thing I already saved to buy a nice gift for the men of my life 🙂 thank you for giving me an idea!

  4. My daughters are arguing which shoes to buy for their dad- the Jordan shoes he’s been drooling over or the Catetpillar shoes he needs for his work. Hmmm… And the argument is still on! A great dad really deserves only the best,right?

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