Here’s great news for all dim sum lovers! Multi-awarded Chinese dining destination Jasmine at New World Hotel has brought back its signature spread of well-loved dim sum dishes which you can enjoy to your heart’s gusto. Did you know that the word dim sum literally means “so close to heart?” Well, now you do! And if turns out that this will be the first time you’ll try the wide range of Chinese hors d’oeuvres at Jasmine, they get ready to fall in love with the mouthwatering offerings.

Jasmine’s dim Sum Delights! Book a table now and enjoy delicious dumplings and more at New World Hotel.

I visited Jasmine last Saturday and felt happy to see that the restaurant had plenty of diners observing social distancing while enjoying the safety and the specialty that this restaurant is known for. We were then led by our host to the Daffodil room. Both of us were ready to partake of the eat-all you-can promo. For starters, my companion and I had the soup of the day (corn soup), honey roasted pork, steamed pork spare ribs with black beans,  barbecued pork buns, “Har Gao” shrimp dumplings, “Xia Long Bao” pork dumplings, and “Shao Mai” pork and crabmeat dumplings. The servings are ample and so tasty that we got seconds of the honey roasted pork and the “Shao Mai”. It’s  a dim sum buffet, after all! Then for mains, we ordered wok fried “Kong Pao” chicken with cashew and crispy pork belly. The crispy pork belly may be availed of for an add-on price (P240) as well as other dishes like  soy chicken (P240), pan-fried tenderloin (P280)  and sliced beef with vegetables in oyster sauce (P280). If you’re not fond of spicy food, you may request that the chili be taken out of the kong pao chicken like we did. Everything tasted delicious! Normally, one should not order rice  while eating dim sum but Filipinos that we are — we have rice with everything! The fried rice “yeung chow” style did not disappoint. We had two bowls of that. For refreshments, we had watermelon juice.

Crispy Pork Belly – crunchy skin and juicy, flavorful pork meat as only Jasmine can prepare it!
Try these appetizing bestsellers. Clockwise: Deep fried sole fillet with salted egg, wok fried “kong pao chicken” with cashew and braised bean curd with mushrooms.

Jasmine serves different soups and desserts. For that particular Saturday, we had mango sago and chocolate pralines. It was the happiest ending to an over-the-top dinner! It’s not often that I rave about dining experiences. The dim sum dishes were exceptional and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Chocolate dessert and Mango Sago

The secret to making the most of your experience when eating a dim sum buffet is to eat slowly so that you can savor the flavors of each dish. The “Xiao Long Bao “, for example, must be tried at first without the shredded ginger  and soy condiment. You’ll be surprised that the broth inside is so flavorful that you may not need to add anything anymore. Secondly, do try to order just one each of what you think you can finish. Wastefulness is not good especially this season. This should not stop you, however, for asking seconds or thirds. Just remember to finish everything.

Visit Jasmine at New World Hotel. Dim Sum Ya Cha will be available (PP1088 nett per person) all weekends of December, lunch and dinner every Saturday and Lunch on Sundays. For table reservations call 8811-6888 extension 379 or viber at + 63 917 888-4194.

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