VITO STUDIO.COM is a virtual haven of  fashionable goods.   Gowns, cocktail dresses, coats , purses, accessories – they offer the whole stylish gamut.  But what I love about this online store is that everything they sell is made by local designers.  The main  thrust of the website is to showcase local designs to a broader and more global market by making unique pieces by some of the country’s celebrated designers available online.  In its maiden foray in 2009, the website opened with a stellar collection which included creations by fashion mavens Ivarluski Aseron, JC Buendia, Jun Escario, Maureen Disini, Rajo Laurel , Veejay Floresca and Yvonne Quisumbing, to name a few.
I was only too thrilled to be invited to the VITO STUDIO VIP showroom in Bel-Air by one half of the duo behind the brand –  the  effervescent Bianca Salonga.  (Corrine Alegre was indisposed.)   Bianca ushered me inside the receiving parlour and we started to talk. “Corine and I  are long time friends from Assumption College and we  both had previously worked in fashion magazines.  We decided to be entrepreneurs rather than remain as employees.  With the connections we had  made in our work, we started VITO STUDIO.COM.  Corine selects the merchandise  that we carry while I’m responsible for the marketing side,“ Bianca explained.  “The brand is a tribute to my grandfather JOVITO SALONGA, hence the name VITO STUDIO, “ she proudly added.

The beautiful ladies behind the brand – Corine Alegre and Bianca Salonga.

The Ears Have It
Ear Sliders by MARIA
With these ,  you’ll have every reason to tuck your locks behind your lobes.

Slider earrings by MIA – From Top Right (clockwise) – 1. Full safety pin 2. Tri-cap 3.Triple X and 4. Zipper.  All have sapphire stones.  Price Range PHP4,500 to 6,500.
Top Right (clockwise) 1. Multi Layer Slider 2. Rose Leaf Slider 3.Three Layer Slider 4. Dangling Pear Slider.

Precious Arm Candies

Minaudiere Muse

TOP ROW: Actress Heart Evangelista completes her outfit with this enamel clutch by MIA ARCENAS (PHP18,000) BOTTOM ROW: I’m sure you want this bejewelled beauty by NICOLE WISEHUNT! (PHP34,850)

Janina Dizon’s Colorful Clutch Bags
Made of  ostritch, lamb and stingray leather, these bags are both fun and fashionable. But what makes these creations extra special is the solitaire diamond setting on the front .   A jewel of a find , don’t you agree?

My choice – the blue grey with apple green combination.

Purses by CARABAO

MUST-HAVE!!! I ordered the bronze and the black purses. My friend AVA carried her CARABAO purse in beige at a fashion event we recently attended. (PHP6,600)


Heavenly Creations

Greek Goddess

I LOVE THESE! (L-R) 1 . Chiffon dress in blush  by ERIC DELOS SANTOS (PHP 10,000) 2. Chiffon dress in hot pink by ERIC DELOS SANTOS  (PHP 10,000) 3.Jersey dress in grey by MARTIN BAUTISTA. (PHP18,000)

    J is for Jumpsuit

(L-R) 1. Black One Shoulder Jumpsuit by MARTIN BAUTISTA 2. White Jumpsuit with cut-out detail by PABLO CABAHUG and 3. Nautically-inspired jumpsuit by MAUREEN DISINI. Prices available upon request.

 All the Pretty Dresses

LEFT- White dress with black beaded details by JC BUENDIA . RIGHT (top) – Black and nude cocktail dress by JUN ESCARIO. RIGHT (bottom) Silver and black geometric dress by RONALDO ARNALDO. Prices available upon request.

Chevron Chic

Ladies, gotta have these in our closets! Collection by ERIC DELOS SANTOS

The Black Pack

Lucy Torres looks regal in this black and white number by JUN ESCARIO.
MOLLY Maxi dress (PHP2,500). Cuff and minaudiere also available at VITO STUDIO.

Plum Perfect

Photographer Sarah Black wore this plum tulle skirt by JC BUENDIA to the Mega Pinoy Pride Ball. Lower right picture shows a plum balloon skirt also by JC BUENDIA. Prices available upon request.

Women Who Wear VITO 

Online shopping  can be frustrating! I myself have wasted money on clothes that look so good in pictures but turn out to be oh-so-ugly when delivered.   Scheming sellers put up flawless pictures and  use different filters  to dupe their customers.  So be careful before you purchase!
Vito Studio’s collections are very well curated by its owners.  They carefully select and inspect each and every time before these are sent to clients.  What is shown on the pictures is exactly what you’ll get.  In fact, I’ve seen some designs that look plain in print but are so fabulous up front!  Yes, you pay more for designer creations – but you’ll also get more mileage from these one-of-a-kind masterpieces than you ever will from designer duds or designers “inspired”  (which means poor copy or fake, really)  merchandise.
The BQP bestows her seal of approval to Vito Studio.  In fact, she has ordered  some items already!  Visit their  website at VITOSTUDIO.COM.  You can also check the brand’s Facebook page and Instagram.  VITO STUDIO ships both locally and internationally.
Let’s support our Filipino designers and entrepreneurs.  VIVA VITO STUDIO!
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  1. Love the cocktail dress by Jun Escario! 😉 I am so proud of Filipino-made masterpieces! 😉 #Inspired.

    1. We should really take a second look at locally made products instead of buying everything imported. Glad that VITO makes these wonderful pieces available to us. 🙂

  2. Love the works of Mia Arcenas, Eric Delos Santos and Pablo Cabahug!! They’re all so chic individually. I’d definitely wear the white jumpsuit by Pablo Cabahug if I were old enough to HAHAHA.

  3. Visited Vito Studio’s website and they sure have so much to offer. A perfect site when you want to dress to impress. Thanks BQP!

  4. I can’t wait to bring my daughter and show how talented Filipinos are. Thank you Ms. Busy Queen P. for introducing us to the local fashion shops. I cannot wait to indulge myself in one of the unique handbags (clutch). Thanks again. 🙂

  5. Checking out their website now, tita Paulyne! The Ear Sliders and Plum Skirt caught my attention. I love how the Ear Sliders give the illusion that you have multiple ear piercings 🙂

  6. We should be proud of our fellow Filipinos’ creations. They are all fab and wonderful! For me I love the CARABAO purse and the jumpsuit,every woman should have this!

  7. Wow! awesome designs! I really love the Silver and black geometric dress by RONALDO ARNALDO! Fabulous! Perfect fit for me.. =)

    1. Please feel free to visit VITO STUDIO. 🙂 The Arnaldo dress costs PHP8,500 if I remember correctly.

  8. I don’t think I will ever get tired of telling you that you really write well BQP 🙂 the choice of words really entertain me 🙂
    Here are my top picks from this blog: 1) Grey jersey dress by Martin Bautista 2) White Jumpsuit by Pablo Cabahug 3) White dress beaded with black stones by JC Buendia. White and Grey color hues are my fave!!! Oh please add the phenomenal black cuff as a must-have-piece. It is a statement in itself! Of course I am proud to own Carlo Garcia’s Carabao leather line — carrying the clutch (Pinoy Pride nuks!) so I’m getting his woven leather / overnight- weekend bag as my next purchase. I love VITO studio and of course these lovely AC girls behind it. Good job amigas! 🙂

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