To celebrate  my daughter’s third birthday and to reward my son for his  outstanding academic year, the family flew to Singapore last month.   My little girl wanted to visit Hello Kitty Town while  older brother chose Legoland.  Both destinations were in Malaysia.  However, because of the missing plane fiasco ( and the fact that the theme parks in Johor Bahru were nearer to the border of Singapore than if we landed in Malaysia),  we decided to make the Merlion City our entry point.
After two fun days of staying in  Marina Mandarin (this hotel is connected to three malls!) along Raffles Boulevard,  we were fetched by Ramli, our multlingual driver.  It was just a 45-minute ride to the border.  Ramli handed our passports to the immigration officer and all we had to do was show our faces without leaving the car.  Many visitors choose to take the tour buses from Singapore but the reviews I’ve read prior to the trip mentioned long hours of waiting for the bus riders before they could pass immigration.  Since we were booked at  Legoland Hotel , had four pieces of luggage with us and a moody  three year old, we  thought the  rented car service was our best bet to a hassle-free entry.
Ramli brought us straight to Hello Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour because the check-in time for the hotel was still a few hours away.  I was surprised to see a building rather than a theme park.  It turns out that Hello Kitty Town was just one level of a tri-level  building called The Little Red Cube.

WARNING!!! This is a photo used by tourist agencies to lure you into thinking that Hello Kitty Town is a big amusement park. HELLO KITTY TOWN IN MALAYSIA DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!


You can find HK Town inside the Little Red Cube Building in Puteri Harbour.

Upon  entering the indoor attraction which was situated on the second level,  my daughter and I were overcome by a twin dose of adrenalin rush. We were surrounded by all kinds of SANRIO stuff!   I grew up collecting everything Hello Kitty and my daughter is as much a fan as I am!

Receiving Parlour  and DiningRoom

My daughter R is overwhelmed by all the Hello Kitty things she saw inside. 🙂

Kitty’s Kitchen


Some guests have their picture taken inside this big Kitty tub.

Kitty and Mimi’s Bedrooms

Mom, I want a room like this — except bigger! haha 🙂
The little one and I LOVED it here!


Bonding time with the little diva .


 We had so much fun here !!! From jewelr y making,  dressing up as a Sanrio character, decorating Hello Kitty cookies and painting R’s nails in the Nail Studio ,  R and I enjoyed every minute of it.   I was surprised that the boys took part in the afternoon’s activities.  Such troopers!
Jewelry Making and Nail Salon

R made a necklace with a HK pendant. Over at the Nail Art Studio, I tried to give my daughter a nice polish. Sorry sweetie. This is the reason why Mom is a lawyer and a writer… I’ll make a lousy “manikurista” 😛

Cookie Station

Family activity! Proud of my boys for taking part in this. It made us girls happy. 🙂

Costume Dress Up

The kids are too cute!!!


My little girl enjoyed watching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel perform on stage.


The object of this game is to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel who have been kidnapped by Kuromi. You will be given a lamp, made to answer questions that will test your memory and then you must find clues to unlock the secret code. The fate of Team Fermin — SUCCESS!


R ate a light snack here after the visit to HK Town. Kiss, kiss! 🙂

All in all it was a fun afternoon.  There was even a Sanrio Parade!  However, the boys did say they’ve had enough of Hello Kitty and all things “pink” towards the latter part of the visit.  Hahaha!  There was a heavy downpour when we left the building.  Good that we had a driver waiting.
I’m wondering though why we don’t have this kind of attraction in Manila.  The whole HK Town is scarcely bigger than the skating rink in MOA.  I’m not kidding!  The trip to Malaysia certainly didn’t come cheap.  We were able to finish all of the attractions in less than three hours.  So it’s totally up to you if you’re willing to spend like we did.   It would be best that you combine your trip to HK Town  with  a visit to Legoland, Malaysia as well.
Coming up very soon — the BQP and her brood will bring you inside Legoland Hotel and Theme Park.  Watch out for that post!
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  1. Cute photos and brought back grade school memories where every kid was crazy about these stuff. I am looking forward to your next posting as my where my “younger team mates” will be more interested in. Keep them coming Paulyne!

  2. During our time, a visit to Bookstop in Greenhillls was already heaven for us. Our children are so privileged to visit a place like HK town where everything is larger than life. So lucky!

  3. The kiss kiss of Rocio is sooo cute!!! Stay bubbly cute baby! I better bring my daughter here …the venue cuts across all ages for sure! 🙂

  4. Hello Kitty and the Sanrio bunch! Do you remember our CHS days, Paulyne? We swapped Sanrio stationery, pens, etc. My favorite then was My Melody! Wonder why Hello Kitty outdid them all? My granddaughter, Kendra, is crazy about Hello Kitty, too. She’s been sweet-talking her Papito (which is what she calls my husband; not lolo) into buying her a Hello Kitty doll house whenever they chat on Skype. A girl’s childhood becomes a bit more memorable because of Hello Kitty, I guess. (“,)

    1. YES, I remember exchanging stationary sheets! Now nobody uses stationary anymore.:( We will always remain little girls at heart, Monica!

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