I dyed my hair a week ago for a big event. The color was great but it left my  long locks coarse and super dry. I resorted to using grocery-bought conditioners but it proved to be a temporary fix.  Detangling my wet hair still took quite an effort.  Fortunately, I was invited to the MACADAMIA Muse Party at the PIANDRE Salon over at Bonifacio Global City.
Upon entering the sleek salon, there was a whole wall of MACADAMIA products situated at the right of the reception area.  I couldn’t help but get excited as I perused the different brown and green containers.  “Ma’am you can take pictures of the products later.  Please come in and experience the MACADAMIA treatment first,” the hostess said.   And with that I was whisked off  to be Muse-ified. 🙂


The first treatment on the menu was recommended by the hair specialist as the best remedy for my color-treated hair.
Mardy, my assigned PIANDRE salon attendant, did a wonderful job.  From shampooing my hair  with the Rejuvenating shampoo, to massaging my scalp with the Deep Repair Masque Treatment and then giving me a twenty minute back , arm and hand massage, his service was superb!
Then after thirty minutes, it was time to rinse the treatment off and get my hair blowdried.  Wow! No tangles!  For the final touch,  a small amount of the Macadamia  Control Hairspray was spritzed on my now shiny, nourished and healthy  locks.   It was also ideal for my fine hair which normally gets weighed down with “stronghold” sprays . Fabulous!

Top Row (L-R) : 1.Mardy preps my hair for the treatment 2. He massages my scalp after applying Deep Repair Masque Bottom Row (L-R) 3. The back massage was the best I’ve had ! 4. Divine applied the Healing Oil Treatment to my hair before blowdrying and seals my curls with the Control Hairspray.

Products used on the BQP’s locks 

Top Row (L-R)1.REJUVENATING SHAMPOO – Ideal for dry hair, gently cleanses and protects hair from elements and MOISTURIZING RINSE – Gently detangles and provides UV protection  2. DEEP REPAIR MASQUE – Provides deep hydration, helps eliminate freeze and improves shine and elasticity of hair  Bottom Row (L-R) 3. HEALING OIL TREATMENT – Easily absorbed into hair and scalp , infusing moisture protection and shine  4. CONTROL HAIRSPRAY- The fastdrying spray provided a lightweight hold and a touchable finish.

I asked VP for Business Development Scott Smith what makes the MACADAMIA hair care line  different from other haircare products that are now in the market.  He said that it’s the special combination of Argan Oil ( filled with Omegan9, antioxidants and Vitamin E) and Macadamia nut oil (has the highest amount of Omega 7) .  The former has long been used to nourish the hair while the latter is the kind that most closely resembles our human hair sebum making it mimic our scalp’s natural oil production.  More importantly, oil from the macadamia nut penetrates the hair follicles unlike  other brands that only affect the outer layer of the hair.

The BQP is loving her luscious locks! Here with VP for Macadamia Natural Oil Scott Smith and Jeyton Zulueta, Piandre Salon BGC Salon Owner.

“Next year we’ll introduce five new styling products .  In addition, our rejuvenating shampoo will come in different variants to suit all types of hair,” Scott narrates.  “We’ll still continue to partner with PIANDRE Salons.  Customers can also avail of the MACADAMIA line in other select  salons (DAVID’S, Jing Monis Salon, Prive etc. ) all over the country.
Aside from the basic shampoo, conditioner and hairspray, the brand offers oil treatments, live-in  cream, curl cream and its Flawless all-in-one treatment.  The BQP certainly had a wonderful time being pampered at PIANDRE Salon.  So waste no time, head on to the nearest PIANDRE branch and get ready to be MACADAMIA MUSE-ified!


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  1. Gorgeous! I miss the salons in the Philippines. Heard Piandre is good. I go to Franck Provost Salon whenever I am in Manila. Might try Piandre out. Your smile shows satisfaction which makes it encouraging to visit the place. Hope they have products that are hypo allergenic. I am allergic to permanent color! 🙁 Do they also have foot spas, etc? I mean the whole package from head to toe. Thanks for the info, M’Lady BQP!

  2. I want to try this Macadamia treatment soon. It seems that the price is reasonable.
    Thanks for sharing BQP 🙂

  3. thanks BQP for sharing! this is an answered prayer for my hair condition now! got to try this at Piandre’!

  4. I’ve heard of the Macadamia products a few years ago, but I never really got to try it. Thanks, tita Paulyne, for sharing your experience. At least now I know it’s worth trying 🙂

  5. another informative post,how much is the treatment? love your new hair transformation,it so beautiful!

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